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Using New Vehicles in SP?

  • Is there any possible way to use the new vehicles that were added with Arena Wars without having to replace current models with the new DLC models? I spent all of my day today trying to find some way to get it to work and nothing would do it. The game would always exit in the loading screen.

  • R u talking about Spawn MP vehicles in SP script? If so we have to wait for "drp4lyf" to update it, assuming he is still active in the community and has not moved on. I remember that CP (I think) used to have his own script, but he removed it because there was no need for it. Soo, there will always be someone in the community who will take over.

  • @useruser111 I mean, in a way yeah. But I want to be able to obtain the vehicles now. I'm pretty impatient so I don't want to have to wait until Scripthook gets updated to use the vehicles now. I've seen some people have them spawn in the traffic but I have zero idea on how to do it.

  • Well, I got something to work in a way. I added the new vehicles to a custom popgroup and replaced the vanilla one with it. My only problem now is that the Arena Wars vehicles disappear once I get too close to them. I just need some solution for it without needing Scripthook.

  • This post is deleted!


    I just use a trainer to spawn by model name but now that I think about it it wouldn’t work without scripthook unless you reverted to an older patch and put the new dlc into dlc packs. That’s how I do it anyway lol, I still use SSASSS update

  • I don't think this is possible at all. I tried to spawn Tezzeract through Menyoo numerous times and it always disappears as a Rockstar's blocked content. :/

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