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[Tutorial] How to do: Add-On / Replace (Vehicles & Weapons)


    @Vinicius_117 Did you edited "content.xml" file too? Are you sure that replaced all original car names in data files too?

  • @Reyser Yes I did. I am supposed to delete the feltzer <visiblemods> lines in carcols.meta? Because this car doesn't have tuning parts


    @Vinicius_117 Yes, you shouldn't put tuning car parts for car that doesn't have, this maybe is a reason of the crashes.

  • @Reyser I removed the lines but the game still crashes when I try to spawn the car, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong


    @Vinicius_117 I can't check it for you because I'm really busy these days, but try to make it again from scratch to see and be sure file by file that all is correct. You can take any Rockstar DLC to see how they use the files and their structure (each item, etc).

  • @Reyser Nah man I'm too annoyed at this thing now to make it all over again from scratch. Maybe I'll try but with other car mod, but thanks for helping me out dude, I really appreciate it

  • @Reyser Lately I start to find more addon weapons and slow slow earn more experience about how the users make it!! I decide for a change to make an addon melee weapon!! Using this replace weapon https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/black-ops-3-shadows-of-evil-apothicon-sword and checking that this weapon can accept successful also the w_me_machette_lr database I decide to make an addon version on it using the mplowrider dlc help!! Well the good news is that the weapon spawned successful on the game but the bad news is that the character only can take the weapon but he cannot use it!! Here the files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bqx20uq8f3xiyn1/machete1.zip If you find a free time probably a lot can you check my files and find out why enen press the attack button the character cannot use--attack with the addon weapon even if he take it successful?? On the replace version it's working just fine even if use the w_me_machette_lr database!!


    @Sandra-linson I can't these days because I have to fix one thing related to Add-On cars pack with my game that doesn't let me run it and I have no time to solve it, I'm busy with my studies until weekend.

    Anyway, did you see if game needs an specific animations file into your weapon DLC folder to use it for weapon working? Maybe the problem is that the game does not find an animation to work with your weapon, and you only can see it in-game but without using it.

  • @Reyser Mmm perhaps you have right so what's the file who include the animation anyway?? Also don't worry about the time!! I know that you are full busy and probably a lot of users already ask to check their files too!! If you find a free time and finish-help with other users requests then i was very glad if you check my files too and add the missing necessary files in order to work!!

  • @yeahhmonkey Oh I am going to check it out!! perhaps this help me to find a solution about the problem I have!! thanks for the post!!(:

  • Mmm perhaps the clip_sets.xml make the trick!! Well I wish i was able to find an addon melee weapon to learn useful tips from it too!! The weapons who use bullets and ammo not need any extra file , I already test that!! Anyway I am a little tired and need sleep now so I am going to check it about the next day!!dx

  • Well I notice that even if you have-add files who not actually needed for the addon weapon as long as you add the files on content and setup2 too the game is not crash so probably the obvious solution about my problem is to use all the files mplowrider have though some files like low_drv_ext-0.ycd I have no idea how to check and edit them!! I hope these kind of files have not to do anything about my problem!! Also some users give me some advice to check also the files from patchday8 because also here you can find the w_me_machette_lr files!! Anyway if not this method working then probably is something not discovered yet and that's way so far probably nobody make any addon melee weapon yet!!

  • oh myyy...im new to this. im stuck at step 6 of replacer to add-on. can you help me?


    @airness What's the problem with it?


    @yeahhmonkey I'm so sorry for that, but an Add-On Base Folder is that, a base, it won't give you all the things needed for each weapon as most of us don't know what data files use to each weapon, even if is a game weapon or a new modded model for the game.

    I can't help with it because I never tried to make an Add-On weapon, I just managed how works some Add-On weapons made by other community members and make an own folder for weapons that only need the specified data for each of the void data files included.

    Maybe some weapons needs more data files to spawn correctly, like it happens with "mpluxe" and "mpheists" replace cars (I managed how to work "mpluxe" based mods as Add-On, but with "mpheists" based cars I didn't find how to enter to the car and avoid a game crash yet).


    @yeahhmonkey PM sent back.



    GOOD: I'll update "Replacer to Add-On" tutorial section this weekend for the people that wants to put replacer vehicle mods for "mpluxe" folders as Add-On's, fixing the crash caused by 2 missing folders (with their respective files) when you try to go into the Add-On car.

    PENDING: I'm still trying to fix the same as above but for "mpheists" cars. This will be later, when I find some free time to spend without stops to solve it (maybe it'll take a lot of hours at day or maybe will be easy as... I don't know). Last time I tried, was in a DLC Pack folder with a lot of Add-On cars on it, so maybe this was difficulting the work).

  • @yeahhmonkey Well If you have exactly the same problem with me then yes probably it's impossible!! Unfortunately I manage to test it only adding the animation files and still the addon melee weapon cannot be used!! For the solution I mention before I not manage yet to find the time to do it!! To make a thing clear you can spawn addon melee weapons but I not find yet how to make the animation work!!(: If you cannot even spawn the addon melee weapon then you can use my files for help though still is pointless even if you spawn the weapon because you cannot use it!!):


    @Sandra-linson Can you share your file? I want to see how you managed to get it spawning, maybe this weekend I can investigate a bit to see if I find a solution to use any Add-On weapon as if they were original ones.

  • @Reyser Yes of course here the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bqx20uq8f3xiyn1/machete1.zip Well it's the old file without the animation files but like I say before probably this is not the problem because even with the animation files still cannot use it!! There are 2 ways to find it: 1. spawn it only via trainerv using spawn weapon by model name!! The code you must write and can find it on pedpersonality.meta if I remember corrext is weapon_machete1!! 2. visiting a weapon shop and simply search and buy it!! Well I not recommended you to use the second way because I am not finish yet 100% with the shop part!!

  • @yeahhmonkey I am very glad to hear that!! The hole trick is that trainerv not read the model code name but actually the item code name!! The best way to find the code is usually to check the pedpersonality.meta file!! And now the difficult part!! How your character can attack with the addon weapon!! If press the attack button nothing happen!!): Anyway if you figure out please like I do send me your addon files or better release it for gta5 melee weapon section so everybody learn how to make addon melee weapons!!d:

  • Where are the Carvariations.meta, carcols.meta, and vehicles.meta for the futo
    please help ive been looking for over an hour now :(


    @JDM4IEK Just search for "futo" using Ctrl + F3 tool, and if the car files are in any DLC pack folder like "patchday1ng" or others, look for their "carcols.meta" and "carvariations.meta" files inside any of these "patchday" folders.

    If both files have Futo data, then replace it on them, otherwise, you can always put the new data to the most recent carcols and carvariations files on the most recent DLC folder, or create your own DLC folder using my method explained on this tutorial and just put the data for each car on it, this will work always.

  • @Reyser I tried that and i searched for over an hour and couldn't find them

  • @yeahhmonkey thank you. now all i need is vehicles meta

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