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[Tutorial] How to do: Add-On / Replace (Vehicles & Weapons)

  • @jWILL253 corrupted game data means your missing some info in one of your meta files or typed some info wrong in one of the meta files. Also if you forgot to add a ytd or ytf file somewhere you will get corrupted game data.
    You need to carefully check over all your info make sure before you add a new vehicle to the info that the last one has </Item>. Reysers guide and dlc.rpf does work I have made 20 cars in 1 dlc pack so far because of his guide. You have to add every single car to the carvariations.meta file that you have added to the vehicles.rpf file. If a car has tuning parts you have to add that info under the kits section of carcols.meta file. All cars need handling and vehicles.meta info added.

    Anytime my game would freeze its because I copied the data incorrectly. Either in the meta files or in content.xml file.
    Make sure your dlclist.xml has the name of your dlc folder added at the bottom. Its located at mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
    I skipped the step that says add your dlc folder to extratitleupdatedata.meta. Try it with adding your dlc folder to extratitleupdatedata.meta at the bottom and try it without adding the folder. The game does have a limit for DLC folders when you add too many tuning parts to the tuning_mods.rpf eventually it will just cause your game to be stuck in an infinite loading screen.


    @jWILL253 You shouldn't feel it, you need to confirm that you did all correctly. Send me the Add-On DLC you did and I'll check it later to see if you did something wrong.

    @Willief23 There's no more an Step that says to add new lines to extratitleupdatedata.meta file since last summer I think I remember. And none of the .rpf files or a combination of them (vehicles.rpf + tuning_mods.rpf) inside the game ones should have a size higher than 4.0GB, that's the limit they have. Depends of how much vehicles with or without tuning parts you'll install and their size.

  • @Reyser thats good to know once i start getting to 70+ addon cars in my dlc pack i created. You can also hit edit mod then go to file menu and hit defragmentation to your dlc.rpf to reduce down its size.


    @Willief23 Yes I know, that's what I do when I edit some of my packs, otherwise game memory will be worse. I usually defragment vehicles.rpf first and then dlc.rpf.

  • @Reyser Ok, would a MEGA link work? Also, I tried to not add cars that didn't have certain meta data in their original dlc.rpf file. For instance, I had a few cars that didn't have a handling.meta, and I avoided adding those cars into my custom DLC.

    Uploading to MEGA right now...


    @jWILL253 Yes.

    About cars without handling.meta data: If you know which car would be replaced by the mod (in replace version), then you can handling.meta data from the original game car and add it to your Add-On car, would be the same.

  • @Reyser Yeah, there were a couple cars that only had a add-on version with no handling data, like this one specifically: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-ix-mr-add-on

    Is there a way to add cars that have no handling data whatsoever if there's no replace version?

    My internet is slow, the MEGA upload's gonna take a minute.


    @jWILL253 The car you linked has handling data, but not in the same DLC. That's because it takes the sultan handling data, and you can see that at his vehicles.meta file. There's a line like this one <handlingId>sultan</handlingId>.

  • @Reyser Huh. I didn't know you could do that, lol.

    Here's the DLC: https://mega.nz/#!RYhSiK4Q

    EDIT: Lol, here's a better link: https://mega.nz/#!xZRhGYTY!txW6x-r4Z3JIAAEijBwFkJu1ug8TvdS8LVkdrtenbQw


    @jWILL253 All seems to be fine, except that I don't know why you have vehicles_dom_interior.ytd, vehicles_s2000_interior.ytd and vehshare.ytd files inside your Add-On pack. Anyway 3.44GB of dlc.rpf is a bit excesive, all my packs have a size around 1.7 - 2.7GB.

  • @Reyser I put them in their because they were also inside the rpf files of their original DLC packs.

    So, what do you suggest? Cutting the file size down?


    @jWILL253 Yes, move 10 or more cars (don't forget .meta data) that have tuning parts to another pack to have a size between 1.7 - 2.7GB for each pack. I have 6 packs with a total of 335 Add-Ons, all of them working fine (I could see that I also have most of the cars you have as Add-Ons on your pack).

  • @Reyser Okay, I'll give it a try.

    If it's not too much to ask, can you try running the DLC on your install to see if you run into the same problem? I just want to make sure it's not an issue with my install (legal Rockstar Warehouse copy), or my mods folder.

    And if file size really is the issue, maybe you can update your manual to suggest a soft cap on filesize? Thanks for the help bro, I really appreciate it.


    @jWILL253 I can't try it right now, but anyway you can try your pack with a clean copy to see if it crashes or not.

    About the file size, it depends which cars you installed and if they have tuning parts or not, so the file size can be different in each case (I experienced that some months ago). As example, last summer I had 2 packs with sizes between 3.7 - 4.0GB and where working fine until they reached 4.1GB, and because of that, most of my tuning parts files were corrupted. Right now this never happens to me.

  • @Reyser Okay, this time I tried a custom dlc with only one add-on car. And when I tried to spawn it, it said "Invalid Model". I made sure I edited all the files correctly, including the dlclist.xml, and it's not reading it.

    Idk what I'm doing wrong. What am I missing?


    @jWILL253 It happens too when game does not find any handling or vehicles data for the car you're trying to spawn. Be sure all the info about ".meta" files is ok and none of the vehicles files is corrupted.

  • @jWILL253 I found part of your problem right off the bat with your dlcpack, under data folder rename jwill253addoncars1contentunlocks.meta to caraddoncontentunlocks.meta then change the name of it under the content.xml file. also shorten the name of your dlc folder name to jwill253p1 or jwill253cars1 then change it to the new name on content.xml file.
    Also under jwill253addoncars1contentunlocks you have 955_a8audi_VEH it should be CU_a8audi_VEH either have all of the lines as CU_modelname_VEH or CU_VEH_modelname format, i did the CU_VEH_modelname format. your contentunlocks is all over the place.

    Under handling.meta file the lines that say <handlingName> make sure its all capital letters for the modelname. AVJ you have the same info added twice so delete one of them. delete the one starting at line 1257. your spacing is all over the place you have to be consistent with your spacing and keep it all neat and even like it is for the rest of the lines. Once i cleaned up the spacing and made it all even throughout all the new cars i added it helped with the game loading my dlcpack better or fixing bugs. Your bugatti handling line needs work some of the info like on centremass is only 0 it should be 0.000000 you have to keep your info all consistent so thats part of your problem with your pack not working right.

    Im sure if i looked at more of it id find way more stuff wrong with it. You have to carefully look at all the info again start from the top and work your way down fix the spacing and keep the data consistent. for me it was carcols and carvariations that had the most errors. For you i suggest you relook at all the data from each meta file.

    Each car model needs to be added to carvariations.meta file same with handling.meta,vehicles.meta and caraddoncontentunlocks.meta . carcols you only add info to the kits section portion of it, if it has tuning parts. If a certain car model doesnt have lights info from carcols.meta then under carvariations just set the light id to 0 or 1 for that model and it will work.


    @Willief23 carnamecontentunlocks.meta is not a necessary file for our Add-Ons. If I'm not wrong, it's used by Rockstar to let us buy new cars at mobile websites when they're unlocked, but I'm not sure about that.

    About hanling.meta <handlingName>tag, there's no reason to be capital letters, I just put them capital because I saw it on original game files.

    Finally, as example, meta values can also be 0.0, 0.00 or more numbers after ".". I never tried with single numbers like 0 or 1.

    Anyway thanks to help him to find potential errors.

  • @Willief23 I'ma give it a shot. I literally just copy & pasted the info from the meta files in each car's original dlc to the meta files in the add-on base dlc. The hardest to do was the carcols & vehicles.meta because I had to make sure each section of data was structured and correctly placed. Took me a couple days to compile the data for carcols, considering I have over 100 unique models installed.

  • Okay, so once again, I spent the last three days going through the the meta files like @Willief23 suggested... still getting the corrupt data error.

    As I've now officially spent two and a half weeks working on this, I'm getting more and more frustrated trying to make this work, so I would like your guy's help. Clearly, I'm missing something, so would you guys mind looking at the meta files specifically, and seeing if there's any error's I've missed?


    (Personally, I'm starting to wonder if the vehiclelayouts.meta is the file giving me problems.)


    @jWILL253 I'll take a look at the files you uploaded, wait a bit for an answer.


    @jWILL253 I saw something that maybe is causing your problems. In vehiclelayouts.meta file, I could see that a lot of lines of code a repeated more than 1 time (3 or 4 times, like DOMINATOR or LE7B ones). What did you with this file?

    The rest of meta files seems to be fine.

  • @Reyser I tried to copy and paste all the data from each dlc's original vehiclelayouts.meta and pasted it in the one in the Add-on Base, because I thought I might need it for the dlc to work.

    Should I have done that?


    @jWILL253 Then next time don't do it that way. You just need to take the necessary info from each section of the vehiclelayouts.meta file that contains the vehicle name that's replacer.

    As example, if the car you want as Add-On replaces the LE7B, then you should take just the LE7B info of this file and paste it to yours 1 TIME. Once you done that, you won't need to add again the same info for another car that replaces the same one.

    I'm pretty sure that's why your game's crashing everytime you start it. I suggest you to keep all your Add-On files except your vehiclelayouts.meta, try the one that comes with my Add-On Vehicles Folder #4 with your Add-On, and if it works but your game crashes when you try to enter to an Add-On vehicle, then create your own vehiclelayouts.meta but carefully, without repeating the same copy/paste every time.

  • @Reyser I tried the vehiclelayouts.meta that came with Folder #4.

    The good news is, it didn't take as long to crash. The bad new is, it's still crashing upon loading.

    I'm very confused now. I've followed every direction, and I'm not getting anywhere.

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