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[Tutorial] How to do: Add-On / Replace (Vehicles & Weapons)

  • @jWILL253 you still MIA, did you give up on fixing your dlc pack??

    @dreezyking look at the file below it will help you fix or understand how to merge your meta files correctly.

    here is a link to my dlc pack i made. Pay close attention to the carcol and carvariation meta files since most people mess those up the most in their dlc packs. all meta files are spaced out correctly and all cars work so take that as a good example for your pack.

    download link:

    if you have tuning parts not working for some or all of your cars. I have over 80 cars with tuning parts and all of them work.

    link for tutorial

  • Hi

    Thanks for this guide once again, but I have finally ran into an error. I was SO confident that I wouldn't run into any errors until now.

    This is a link to my first DLC Pack carcols file:

    I mentioned on Willie's thread that the problem I'm having now is that despite ALL the add-on cars spawning and whatnot, some of the cars (i8, 911, 918, AVJ, Aventador SV, Huracan Spyder, RS7 etc.) have really messed up lights. The lights are either so extreme that it covers my screen in white, or no light at all (no light as in no illumination on the ground in front of it, and some of them don't even have lit up taillights). FOr the cars with the messed up lights, the tuning parts are unavailable at LSC too, so I am guessing it's a carcols issue?

    Can someone look at my carcols file please? It's a mess since I have like 40-50 cars atm, maybe less maybe more, and I just posted the <kit> and <light> sections accordingly so I am really curious as to how this was even messed up. Also, these cars were working perfectly until I created a second DLC pack which included planes and bikes.


    So, apparently moving some of the bugged cars over to the second DLC pack worked. Does anyone know if there's an actual hard-cap on the # of add-on vehicles per pack? The size of my entire addon is around 2.5GB~ and I have around 40-50 cars. However, as aforementioned, some cars just bugged for no reason. When i moved the car to the second DLC pack however, it worked perfectly. it's almost as if the pack is signalling that the capacity has being reached and thus malfunction on purpose

  • @negnoodles i think its more the size of the dlc then how many cars in it. Because i currently have around 79-81 cars in mine at only 2.01gb for the dlc pack. 2.5-3gb is the biggest you want to go for 1 dlc pack. If a car has no tail lights or headlights shining on the road then it has to do with the carcols.meta file you have to add the lights info for that car under <lights> section and then add the new light id to carvariations for that car. you could try changing the light id to either 0 or 1 and see if it fixes the bug if not then you have to copy light info from a car that is similar. But remember to change the light id and add your cars model at the very bottom where it says <name>.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply.

    So to be sure, the <name> refersto the vehicle's model right? So weird that the 918 Spyder mod has AVJ listed as it's name lol. That threw me off for quite a bit at first.

    Also, yeah I have ensured that the data are properly added. In fact, the game reflects it very well. At a few occasions, I"ve accidentally added a comma or something when pressing space and hitting the comma key by accident without noticing and the game just crashed at the loading screen, I have to personally go through the recently edited data files to uncover that the single comma caused the crash. Though, such a pity that the hard cap exists. I mean I don't mind creating multiple DLCs, but it just feels atad unfair that we are being capped on # of add-ons and now there's even a cap on the size for a file

  • @Willief23 I'm still around, just took a break due some real-life stuff happening. I'm still fixing my DLC.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jWILL253 well carcols and carvariations was the problem areas in your dlc. send me a link with all your meta files including the setup and content.xml files i dont need the ytd files. i will look at it again.

  • @Willief23 Thanks, will try :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Reyser Dropping by to see what's new, LOL .The tutorial is too colorful. :) Great work translating the tutorial. :thumbsup_tone1: And congrats on reaching 45k views.


    @Akila_Reigns Thank you mate <3

  • @Reyser how to make the dials work ?


    @super_noob69 If you are refering to the 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB by [YCA]Peas, I don't have the dials working too, I think the author missed them. Otherwise, you should take the vehicles.meta data of the original game car (the car that should be a replacer version base of the Add-On), paste it to your own Add-On vehicles.meta and change the name of the car.

  • @Reyser no , im trying to make ZQrba C6 corvette to add-on using original game data the car replaced but the dials dont work.......

    btw , delete "script_rt_dials_race" on .ytd file and it will work (2015 Ferrari 488 GTB by [YCA]Peas)


    @super_noob69 I couldn't find any Corvette C6 by zQrba, are you sure is from him?

  • @Reyser i was wrong, its by alperB


    @super_noob69 So, did you used Bullet vehicles.meta data for your vehicle, including the next at the bottom of the file?:


  • @Reyser thanks , it works

  • Hey, so after re-reading your tutorial (I got ahead of myself the first time around), I realized that one of the few reasons why my tuning/lights are messed up is probably because I used #4 but I NEVER edited the content.xml everytime I added tuning parts. I just threw everything into a vehicle_mods.rpf folder. I do have to ask though, does this actually create an issue?
    I am now using your recommended method of editing content.xml EVERYTIME I add a car with tuning parts but I just have to clarify as to how much of an issue it is to be lazy and use #4 but still add tuning parts like #2 (throwing them all into one .rpf file)

    Also, another question is this sentence:

    (Don't forget to rename files inside "car_mods.rpf", otherwise, they'll conflict with the replacer car tuning parts

    What does this actually mean? WHy do I have to rename files? Let's say I download an add-on vehicle, I would imagine that vehicle to have a name that's independent of the other names in the GTA V game. For example, there's no other car in the game called C63 other than the C63 add-on vehicle, so why do I have to rename to prevent conflicts?


    @negnoodles #4 is the best way to install any Add-On (or remove it). If you're going to use #4 and #2 combined for Tuning Parts, keep in mind that the .meta files process is still the same as always, the only change is that you don't need to edit content.xml file (Remember: carcols.meta and carvariations.meta should be edited as always, but using always the same modkit name as reference in both files, because all the tuning for all cars will be at the same tuning_mods.rpf file.).

    About renaming Tuning Parts files, that should be done only if the car you put as Add-On was a replacer with tuning parts for an original game vehicle. If you download an Add-On vehicle, then you don't need to rename the files.

  • @Reyser I see, thanks for the reply.

    From your personal experience, why is #4 better than #2? I understand you mentioned the whole mpluxe and mpheist thing, but what if I wanted to just focus vehicles that are just normal cars? What does it mean when the description said that the pagani huayra can only be done on #4 and not #2? I prefer #4 of course, since it's a tidier method but I just wish to know what other differences exist between them.

    Also, I am getting alot of tuning parts not showing up issue. Do you think #4 has a lower chance of it happening? FOr example, I decided to redo the DLC packs and I've only added maybe 7 cars so far, strictly Benz so far. However, my first car always gets bugged out. The only way to fix it is to copy all its data files to the top of each .meta file or the tuning parts just wont show up at LSC

  • @negnoodles you make everything so complicated with ur dlc packs lol. I told you already how to fix your tuning parts not working that method is how the original game is setup for tuning parts hence why it works on all cars that you add to carcols.ymt. try modkit ids that dont work the way you are doing it now and they will all work when you add the info to carcols.ymt. The more cars you add to a dlc car pack the less chance of the modkit ids working on them. Then u have to change the id anywhere from 5 to 50 times before u get a few that work. Not to mention all the time u waste loading up the game to see if the modkit id u chose works. I add more and more cars weekly to my dlc packs and all cars have working tuning parts and lights with the carcols.ymt method from my tutorial.


    @negnoodles For me #4 is better than #2 because I almost never have to add new layouts for vehicles that comes from new (or a bit old) DLC's and with this way we all avoid most of the crashes that replacer to Add-On vehicles causes. Obviously #4 won't be perfect, until Rockstar stops releasing GTA V DLC's including vehicles.

    The Pagani Huayra uses Pegassi Osiris layouts, and they're only located on the original DLC folder. So, if you want to use a vehicle like the Pagani Huayra, then you need the #4 option because it includes the correct layouts, and then the game won't crash.

    Summarizing: The #4 option is the most complete at the moment.

    For tuning parts, doesn't depends on which method do you use. I use #4 for my 6 DLC packs (more than 370 cars installed aprox) and all the tuning works.

  • @Reyser If I wanted to remove all tuning parts from vehicles, could I simply remove carcols and carvariations and then remove those entries from the content.xml file? Or would I need to do more? I don't really care about tuning parts but I am going to have to start combining vehicles pretty soon, so if I can take files out of the equation, it will make things easier.

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