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[Tutorial] How to do: Add-On / Replace (Vehicles & Weapons)

  • @Reyser No, it didn't work I tried changing all the offset Z values. But when I spawn a tuning part of the car, tuning appear outside the car

  • whos ur pprofile pic @Reyser

  • @Reyser I want to install a whole lot of add-ons , so what should I do from the bottom up? I learn visually so any video tutorial ?

  • I followed full tutorial and read me, but vehicle wont spawn in?

  • I'm gonna try this tonight


    @gtaenthusiast Maybe you did any mistake when copy/past data info for your vehicles in ".meta" files. Check with XML Validator or yourself that all is correct (correctly open/close tags, no duplicated ones, etc).


    :bangbang: We've almost reached :100::regional_indicator_k: Views :bangbang:


    That's just incredible!! If I'm not wrong is the second most viewed topic of this big community, I feel very happy :D

    EDIT: I must say I've learned a lot thanks to this community. As example, my English is a lot better than when I wrote this tutorial for first time (And I never did an English course, all my knowledge was learned by myself playing games and talking with random people online). I could improve it by reading most of the comments and topics available and talking with people like you about a game I love, is just fantastic.

    Thank you so much to all <3

    Also, I'm planning to improve a bit the tutorial this summer. For example, I want to add more information about what does each file of an Add-On, so the most unexperienced users can start learning how they works, individually and/or together. You're free to share with us what do you think this tutorial needs to be improved :)

  • @Reyser same, that how I learn English :)
    and thanks so much for this tutorial..

  • Where's the carvariations.meta file?


    @ethannn_ Where, on my Add-On mod or? Be more specific please.

  • @Reyser Oh no in general, some of the cars I have, their lights aren't aligned with the headlights i wanted to change the light setting thing to 0 like you said in the questions before the actual tutorials.


    @ethannn_ Usually it's in "DLC_NAME/data/carvariations.meta" path, but it can be different. But for every Add-On, the carvariations.meta file must be inside of a "data" folder.

  • @Reyser Ok thanks :)

  • @Reyser Does this add on folder only work for cars and you have to make a separate folder for the different types of planes or can you put every single vehicle planes, jets, cars etc. into the same folder? I tried it both ways but both times it said that the model couldn't be found.

  • @mando212 you can do cars, motorcycles and helicopters in 1 car pack if you want but you will need to do folder 4 method. You will usually need to add info in the vehiclelayouts.meta file for helicopters and planes. I havent tried mixing planes with cars but it should work since helicopters, cars and motorcycles will all work in 1 car pack.


    @mando212 You can install any type of vehicle to the same Add-On folder. My 7 packs includes cars, motorbikes, some planes, some helicopters and some boats, all of them working fine.

    @Willief23 There's no need to edit vehiclelayouts.meta if the mods installed are based on normal game vehicles. It should be edited only if there are problems entering to the vehicles installed or them crashes the game when you try to go into.

  • @Reyser ya thats why i edit the vehiclelayouts.meta file cause the game crashes. And for every helicopter i have added it has needed it even if the mod author didnt supply a vehiclelayouts file with it. I have only added 3 or 4 helicopters though. no planes yet. Thanks to your tutorial and from practice though i can fix any problem with the cars not working. Just have to add data from a car or helicopter that is similar.


    @Willief23 "Thanks to your tutorial and from practice though i can fix any problem with the cars not working."

    This sentence describes exactly the purpose of this tutorial. Some people thinks that this tutorial will solve all the problems they can have, but not the case and the practice is always needed. I'm still learning things about the game.

    As example, carcols.meta file ID's are only valid to a max of 255 value. It means that values above are repeated, the only thing that changes is the number you see, but a 2390817479243912 maybe is equivalent to a 211 value. A friend of mine told me that, and it's true because I have the issue that old installed mods sometimes loss their tuning because new ones are using the same ID value.

    EDIT: From 0 to 255 values for ID in carcols.meta and carvariations.meta are hexadecimal values, so if you're going to put values above that as ID's, be sure to convert them to hexadecimal to see if they'll replace other tuning parts ID from other vehicles.

  • I did everything your addon vehicle tutorial told me to do, but for some reason I can't get my car tuning mods to work. I have one car tuning that works which is bogus? Why does just one work? Is there a error in carcols I've done? I copied and pasted from the car addon DLC directly though.


    @rmc273 You need to keep changing carcols.meta and carvariations.meta files ID's for the vehicle that doesn't have tuning parts working until you find one that makes them to work.

  • Thank you for the tutorial, I used the tutorial for the replacer to add-on vehicles but I could not spawn the car. I realized afterwards that I needed to edit the names in the vehicles.meta files such as <modelname>.

    It also looks if I'm not wrong that people that have add-on cars without tuning parts use the same default settings (0_default_modkit) for carcols.meta and carvariations.meta?


    @logion Exactly. "0_default_modkit" is a standard one made by Rockstar, it has generic tuning for vehicles. It means, no tuning parts, just things like Suspension, Wheels, Engine, Brakes, etc.

  • Hey @Reyser thanks for the awesome tutorials once again, at first it was kinda difficult but I actually took a detailed look at the files and everything makes perfect sense, so much better organized compared to SA modding.

    However I have a problem, sometimes when I add a new car which only has replace files, I just copy the lines of a similar car I have already added to my pack and just change the names. However, very rarely but still happens, the car will not spawn. It appears in the trainer and everything but when I try to spawn it nothing spawns, no error message or anything. Menyoo freezes for a few seconds and returns me to the menu but nothing spawns.


    @DOMSlayer Maybe you did any mistake with the data files. Be sure all of them has <item> and </item> start/end tags for each vehicle you add and that there are no more mistakes with them.

    Also, if a handling data for a car can't be found (because the car name is not the same or something else) the car won't spawn.

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