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[Tutorial] How to do: Add-On / Replace (Vehicles & Weapons)


    @Suzerain001 The content.xml file looks fine.

    I don't know what can be the problem, but there's something you can still try:
    1.- Disable all the RPF files 1 by 1 until you find which one crashes. If none of them crash, redo your meta files and make sure that the game doesn't crash for each information addition that you do.
    2.- Remake the whole Add-On. The simplest and easiest way to fix the existing problem.

  • @Reyser, two questions: If I want to make a mod for replacement cars,

    1. Wich Vehicles DLC Folder should i use?
    2. If I don't need the vehicles.meta and handling.meta files inside the base dlc, because they are overwritten, Can i remove them from the dlc.rpf and content.xml?

  • Hey, you missed something. how can I see my Vehicle in-game?


    1.- The fourth is always the most recommended one.
    2.- Yes.

    @GravyS Use a trainer mod like Enhanced Native Trainer, Simple Trainer and others. They have an option to spawn vehicles by their name.

  • @Reyser One quick question, can I add extra audios to the Addon Pack? (Currently using vehicles #4)
    I've downloaded @Wanted188 MR-S and it comes with its own audio files, idk if I can add em to the addons folder or not, and how can I enable them if it's possible.


    @xEnzo Yes you can. You just need to put the files to the respective audio folders (take a look at the original MR-S folders structure) in your own pack and also add the respective info lines in the content.xml file as if you were adding tuning parts but for audio (take a look at the original MR-S content.xml file as reference).

  • @Reyser Okay, thats what I did but I forgot to change the original DLC folder name to the addon one ^^" Tysm ♥

  • @Reyser i followed the whole tutorial and i got the hang of it but i still encountered the problem which made me miserable.
    I organized all my car mods and wanted to put them into seperate packs (ferrari,audi,bmw etc...). I made one pack for audi,checked the game and everything worked fine. I made another for bmw and everything was working well also. But when i was halfway into creating third pack,after checking if the game works (i check it after every 2-3 car i add) the game just freezes when loading,like when you're add too much stuff with editing dlclist only.
    I assumed it's the same kind of problem and removed previously made audi pack from mods folder and the game loaded completely normally,with all the cars working in third pack,so it should not be something i messed up creating the pack.
    I have everything recommended,heap adjuster,packfile adjuster and gameconfig...i don't know what more do i need and why it is happening,i'd be grateful for any advice with this because it sucks that i can't make anything work
    Thanks in advance


    @stcro1 You've probably reached the limit of folders that can be added to the dlcpacks one. You'll have to merge all the vehicles into a single pack if you want to add more.

  • @Reyser thanks for answering. I'm sorry but i'm affraid i don't quite understand very well. I've made three packs with 40,45 and 27 addon cars at which point the game stopped loading. Should i put them all into single pack,or the first one i've made?Is that what you mean by merging all vehicles into one single pack. I have cca 400 addons in general,could one pack handle all of that?

    I created new single pack but it's no good,game freezes in loading screen again...

  • @Reyser do we need to change all "FGT" to "bullet" in carchol and carvariations?


    @boomcoow yes

  • @Reyser thanks the ford GT work for me. i try to install second mod from https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-mclaren-675lt-spider-automatic-convertible when edit the handling it's say XML syntax error?


    @boomcoow If the handling.meta file contains comments ("<-- text here -->") the XML syntax error may appear but you can forget about it. If not, check that you copy/pasted the handling info correctly.

  • @Reyser ok i managed to fix it and in my mod file there's vehicelayout so i must put it together with the ford gt vehiclelayout file or do i need to make new one?


    @boomcoow Add the info to the existing one respecting the different file sections.

  • @Reyser Thank You bro, you're helping alot and thanks for fast response too

  • @Reyser do you have any other options gameconfig beside F7YO? mine always crash using that gameconfig


    @boomcoow Not really, sorry :(

  • Hi,

    Regarding the "lang" folder, can I just drag and drop it into my add-on folder in dlc.rpf/x64/data/lang/ or do I need to add something to content.xml?


    @Celthium Just drag and drop-

  • Edit : Sorry i'm blind, just saw that vehicles & handling meta must be modified in update/common :/


    First thank for this great tutorial ;)

    With all modifications i've made to the game during a long time, i can't remember everything. And because there is a lot a thing i don't like in the end (vehicle without breaking glass, bad color, wrong flag, broken mods etc...), i decided to start from 0, and using your tutorial for a clean modding i can manage more easy.

    My main goal is to use replacer (mostly) + addon vehicle as replacer for existing one.

    Now i wanted to try, i decided to start with replacing issi2 with mini cooper (addon version) :

    1. In "update/x64/dlcpacks/A2NS1/dlc.rpf/x64/vehicles.rpf", added issi2.yft | issi2.ytd | issi2_hi.yft (they was named coopperworks in the addon)
    2. In "update/x64/dlcpacks/A2NS1/dlc.rpf/x64/vehiclesmod/issi2_mods.rpf", added all the .yft from the mod (i let them named cooperwork_xxx.yft)

    I tested in-game, and the visual replacing was working (except for the mods but it's normal for now). So i continue with data modification.

    Added according data to vehicles/handling/carcols & carvariations.met.

    So back in game, carvariations & carcols are used correctly (mods was 100% perfect, was the main reason i choose to restart modding gta from start).

    But for something i don't understand, data/vehicles.meta & data/handling.meta are not used.

    I've not saw it directly cause the original & replacement car are not so different, but something say me it was not used, it's the game keeping saying me that i have to use controller button to open roof, which i have nulled, so it must not ask me for this ^^

    To be sure i changed gameName by another existing one, and the name don't changed when i enter vehicle.

    In content.xml | setup2.xml, i simply replaced all FOLDERNAME by A2NS1 with search/replace, and added item for issi2_mods.rpf. So i assume the files are good or the mods part will not be good too, the same for carcols/carvariations who are used correctly.

    Sorry for the soooo long message.

    Edit : actually my message was more complete with all files content, but askimet keeping flagging it as spam...

    Here the start of item in vehicles.meta (yeah i use different handling name for convenience) :
    model name : issi2
    txf : issi2
    handlingid : COOPERWORKS

    If i write the full text like in the meta file, post is flagged as spam everytime, pffffff

  • @Reyser There is something that I didn't quite understand. The handling.meta and vehicle.meta from mods/update/update.rpf/common/data will always have priority over the other ones. If for exemple I want to replace the cyclone (which was added in the smuggler's run dlc) I can just go to those files and edit them rather than searching in the dlc files?


    @xxminerxx10 Yes, but R* doesn't add DLC vehicles in the files on update.rpf/common/data as far as I know so you'd have to add them manually.

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