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[Tutorial] How to do: Add-On / Replace (Vehicles & Weapons)

  • @Reyser One more thing is giving me trouble from a very long time which is, suppose if i want to add two addon cars into single dlc but both of them have their own vehiclelayout.meta files then how will i merge them so that they both spawn correctly, till now im not able to do that if i merge both cars vehiclelayout datas then game crashes and if i choose to keep only one vehiclelayout data then the other car is spawning right in front of me and when i try to enter in it the game crashes.. would be glad if you can help me sorting this out.


    @Al3x_M3rc3r You have to do it the same way you do it for the other meta files. The only difference between vehiclelayout.meta and the other files is that the first one does have more sections so you should be more cautious of where are you placing the info in such file.

  • @Reyser What's the limit of cars i can add in a single dlc (car pack)??, i made a car pack which consist of 200 vehicles but adding more than that causing the hole .rpf file getting corrupted. with 200 vehicles my .rpf size is 3.72gb


    @Al3x_M3rc3r That info is mentioned in the tutorial.

  • Could someone please help me, replace the "Furia" car but no matter what model I change it with, the doors look like this: https://imgur.com/iGDpS1P

    Help me pls!

  • Hey everyone, i seem to be having an issue, and i dont know what is causing this.
    I use simple trainer and have downloaded the AK pistol addon.
    I also have converted the Colt M16A1 1967 Model into an addon for personal use. using the assult weapon addon base from the download Add-On/Replace Base Folder... everything seems to be working i do not crash when i sawpn the guns in game and they show up with the ped holding them except one thing...
    when i spawn the guns into game my ped (trevor) hold the firearm down next to his side... and i can not move i can open trainer and spawn another weapon, and i can pause the game... but i can not move the ped i cant open the weapon wheel and if i am next to a vehicle i can not enter vehicle also i can not look around or pan the camera in any way ... pretty much all controls are gone. anyone experience this and know how to fix it ?

  • @dodgeboy121

    How did you manage to get the replacer to addon weapon stuff working? I myself tried to follow the tutorial but the Colt model didn't spawn for me

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