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[Tutorial] How to do: Add-On / Replace (Vehicles & Weapons)

  • Hey there, I'm running into an issue with the car's being considered an invalid model..... I think I know the issue but don't know how to work around it. I created a file that works its just i created another dlc file so I don't have to keep adding lines to the .meta files. Is there some conflict going on with the fact i'm using two of your template files at the same time causing this issue? (I'm using vehicles dlc folder #2 as the template for each new dlc folder i add) Do i have to change the name in the content.xml or any others? I really find it easier to make a new folder for each addon car in the dlc than copying and pasting lines in the .metas.

  • mm i dont get it what i did:
    i used folder #2.

    created a folder called mymods in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
    put police car in vehicles.rpf
    changed all names from MYFOLDERNAME to mymods in those two files
    added <Item>dlcpacks:\mymods</Item> to dclist.

    started game, and police vihicle is still the old one... When i put it in patchday12ng vehicles it does work. any ideas?

    alt text


    @openheaders Using a DLC folder for each car you add is a bad idea, becase when you'll reach more than 83 folders in "dlcpacks", your game will start crashing.

    If you want to do that, then for each new DLC folder you need to change all "FOLDERNAME" words that appears into content.xml and setup2.xml to the name of the folder.


    @IIIdefconIII In what "both files" you changed the "MYFOLDERNAME" word?

  • @Reyser

    Hi hereby a video I made what im doing... wanne see a 4 minutes video on how im doing something wrong..? :P i still believe i did everything just fine. but perhaps im still missing something.

    I meant the files from content.xml and setup2.xml in the dlc.rpf in /dlcpacks/mymods

    i wanted to try youre waye cause the old way i did modding crashes my game constantly.



    @IIIdefconIII All seems correct, except that "carvariations" file is empty. Also, try to put another name for the Add-On folder like "Zmymods", to see if the game loads cars priority by folder name. Maybe the game thinks "mymods" folder is older than "pathdayng" because of first letter. M goes before than P, so maybe the game finally loads the cars loaded in "patchday?". Just try it and tell me.

  • @Reyser
    i changed the folder name to Zmymods but sadly it is still not loading my vehicles. I am wondering if carvartions and car meta are really need it in mymodfolder? if gtas doesn't find it, shouldn't it fall back to the latest known carvariation like the vanillas one?

    I did changed the dclist path and the content and setup2.xml also to Zmymods

    ty for trying to to help me out.


    @IIIdefconIII Carvariations is needed for every new car different to stock game cars, but carcols no if they doesn't have tuning parts.

  • hi, well i didnt had to edit the carvar in patchday12ng, also the police car doesnt have any carvar option ingame so im still wondering why this fails to work..

    also dont we need this kind of step?

    3:Use OpenIV extract
    X:\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\extratitleupdatedata.meta
    then use notepad open it,add new line
    <Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">
    Save it and use OpenIV replace it.

    EDIT: Nope that also didnt do the trick


    @IIIdefconIII You'll never have to use "extratitleupdatedata" file for any Add-On, because you won't download only data files for a mod, you always download the mod entirely. This file is used by Rockstar to patch DATA info of a DLC without the need of download again more than 1GB of DLC.

  • @Reyser

    Im almost to give upo i tried 3 days now and spend alot of hours in it. It just wont work, and if i patch them to pathday12 the vehicles are pretty ok but missing bumpers, wheels etc, cause i cannot figure out where to patch the car data.

    and when im patching all cars in original location in mod copy the game memory keeps crashing :(


    @IIIdefconIII Let's see, the cars you're trying to put as Add-On's are named as original one's by game, right? If yes and you want to keep original game files unmodded, then try to create again a DLC folder, and in your DLC folder follow the next steps:

    • Put ytd/ytf files in "vehicles.rpf" file.
    • If some of the cars have tuning parts, add them to "tuning_mods.rpf" or add each "vehiclename?_mods.rpf" to "vehiclemods" folder.
    • Now, edit all data files from "data" folder except "carcols.meta" if there are not tuning parts for any car. Be sure each file has a data section for each car and all of them are correct, otherwise some bugs as missing wheels or game memory error's can appear.
    • Edit "content.xml" if you need to add new lines for tuning parts ".rpf" files.
    • Check "content.xml" and "setup2.xml" to be sure they have each "FOLDERNAME" word changed to your new DLC folder name.

    If doing that the cars you added are still not showing in-game and all you did is correct (I can check if you did all ok if you send me your DLC folder), is not a problem of the DLC.

    One thing: If the mod "Wipers for original cars" works as Add-On with original game cars, yours should work too.

  • @Reyser said in [Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] Replacers to Add-On's and vice versa:

    Let's see, the cars you're trying to put as Add-On's are named as original one's by game, right? If yes and you want to keep original game files unmodded, then try to create again a DLC folder, and in your DLC folder follow the next steps:


    I did this again with a clean install, checked everything, still no luck :(
    made a new video how i did everything:

    and uploaded the mods folder here.
    Still hoping that this will work with vanilla cars...

    btw: the wipers didn't wipe,
    vehicle add-ons like the BMW i8 as DLC addon spawns correctly.

    The only real difference i can find between your dlc.rpf and those from other DLC's like the i8 mod or the window wiper is the location of the vehicles.rpf. The other modders have their vehicles.rpf in dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf while yours is dlc.rpf/x64/vehicles.rpf
    alt text
    EDIT: Nope the i8 has the same folder structure as you're file and this DLC addon does work.

    See the I8 works, but police doesn't get replaced.
    alt text

    and again... if i put police to pathday12ng, I even don't need handling and vehicles.meta adjustment (later) but it does spawn.

  • a bump?


    @IIIdefconIII Oops, I forgot to reply because I was busy past week and this one I have 2 exams, so until Thursday I don't have time to check it at the moment. Sorry for that ;(

  • @Reyser ok np thank you

  • how to create a pack of cars in GTA 5? how to integrate add-on DLC cars in one file?

  • @IIIdefconIII i8 works because it's not replacing a car. In order to replace an existing car your vehicle rpf file in content.xml needs different paramenters:

    <locked value="true"/>
    <disabled value="true"/>
    <persistent value="true"/>
    <overlay value="true"/>

  • @tk0wnz

    He man that acuatlly worked, a 1000 times thank you so much. After three days of digging around you saved the day.\

    I think its best if you change this value as default in the content.xml, it don't think it can hurt if people are not using it. But will prevent future questions like these.
    I only changed the vehicles.rpf lines in content.xml like @tk0wnz suggested:
    <locked value="true"/>
    <disabled value="true"/>
    <persistent value="true"/>
    <overlay value="true"/>

    If you do change it please give a shoutout so i can download the package again and save it.

    Cars are finally all working as an DLC this is great stuff!,

    now does anyone else experience crashes after setup a more then like 5 cars? Since the latest patch?

    EDIT: just f.y.i the Z in front of the folder doesnt care. it does work with the name mycars now :) so gta doesnt look alphabetic


    @tk0wnz Thanks for the tip mate :100: , didn't remember that thing before :D

    @IIIdefconIII Yes I know, I just forgot that thing because of the "stress" I'm having with my studies. It will be updated today ;)

  • @Reyser

    cooL:) thank you for youre time into this!

    btw game didnt crashed,, YET!

  • @Reyser
    sry mate i got to say i went over to Easy Mod Folder as it oob supports component pads also.
    What is the big difference between your mod and this one?

    Offcourse when you have the time to implant this also or work together with this mod owner would be lovely :)

    Or is it that simple to just copy the data folder from youre work into his work? i think we need some content.xml adjustments. I can combine then a call it a new mod, but i dont wanne steal work while you devs could totally work together on this:)


    @CSYON f.y.i...


    @zcerneboh Just follow the best method for you 1 time, and then if you want to add more cars, just skip the steps to create a new DLC folder. Just follow the steps to add/edit car or data files.

    @IIIdefconIII On EMF description you can find the answer easily:

    Diference between EMF and my ARBF

    BUT, mine now thanks to tkOwnz also works for replace cars. The only difference is that my mod doesn't support peds YET, because is something I never investigated myself, but a week ago I was using Add-On Peds mod and I liked it. I'll ask author for permission to promote his mod combined with mine, or I'll try to make my own way to Add-Replace peds, but I'll be next weeks, because right now I'm really busy.

  • thats a perfect together working :) how do you mean addon cars now work thank to tk0wnz? i could already add addon vehicels in youre file and it was working fine..? just put them in vehicles.rpf right.. TY again


    @IIIdefconIII I mean the problem you had before with Add-On cars with the same name as the original game one's.

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