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[Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's

  • @Reyser 123123117


    @Abdulrhman1 Did you tried using different ID values? Also, did you checked that there's no syntax errors as ReNNie said?

  • @Reyser yes, i tried 5 different ID values and didn’t work for me :(

  • I am looking for a few week ago how to add on car because we cant replace a lot of cars in replace. PLEASE SHOW ME IN VIDEO HOW TO DO ADD ON CAR BRO.


    Google it!

    There is an excellent YouTube video on it


    @Abdulrhman1 I don't think I could help you better about that, I never made my own tuning parts for any car, so maybe you should ask for help to any vehicle modder like Vans123 or Zievs, or post a new topic in Forums asking for help about this, sorry :(

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, thanks for this btw. Thanks to this guide, I was able to get alot of my fav vehicles in one pack. I have one question though, what about files like these?:100:


    ALot of cars have these mods and I overlooked them entirely. GOod thing I saw this in the LC500 and Regera files but are they necessary? I have edited the four main data files (carcols, handling vehicles, carvariations) and added the vehicle/tuning parts well, buit then I realized that there are these contentunlock files

  • @negnoodles those files are not needed. You only need to worry about carcols, carvariations, handling ,
    vehicles and vehiclelayout.meta files
    Also read my tutorial its linked 1 or 2 posts above it will help you solve tuning parts not working and headlights not working. For me i changed modkit id 3 or 4 different times and still my tuning parts and headlights wouldnt work so with the new method i found all my tuning parts and headlights work correctly.

  • @Willief23 Wait so what do I do with vehiclelayouts? I can't tell which to replace/add since the text in there doesn't have the corresponding vehicle names...


    I've actually never messed with the vehiclelayout.meta. I always just refer to vanilla cars for that section. Never bothered.

  • @negnoodles Some cars will crash your game if you dont do the vehiclelayouts. Only some of them have crashed my game without using vehiclelayouts the toyota chaser jzx100 i think the jeep srt8 and a helicopter the ahviper i think i used the savage or valkyrie layout so the helio would work without crashing. Just use the vehiclelayouts provided in folder 4 from reyser and normally that will work.


    @negnoodles contentunlocks named files are not needed for Add-On mods, just don't worry about them.

    About vehiclelayouts.meta files, they're obligatory if the car you try to go into crashes your game. You can know which vehiclelayout.meta info do you need looking at which is the replacer car version of the mod.

    For example, if you want to install a car as Add-On that was made to replace Tyrus, then you'll need to look at the vehiclelayouts.meta file where Tyrus files are located and take the needed info (the info needed contains the TYRUS word in this case) and paste it to the vehiclelayouts.meta file of your Add-On.

    @ReNNie That's exactly.

  • @Reyser Thanks for the reply. This makes much more sense now.

    Btw, I remember distinctly that I've exchanged a few messages with you in the gameconfig thread where I was complaining about the hard cap on add-on vehicles. I reinstalled GTA V two nights ago and now more than 5 or so add-on would definitely crash my game and that's why I"m using your guide lol. Btw your guide is extremely well done, but I'll be a bit honest...some steps can be a tad confusing. Have you considered maybe making a video or at least some pics to walk through newbies? I had a hard time figuring some things out, and I kinda had to read through some comments to understand what "add data" meant lol.


    @negnoodles I don't have enough time to do a video (studies requires a lot of time :( ) so it's impossible for me right now.

    About "data", I mean all info related to an specific vehicle, something like what I told you in my last comment for vehiclelayouts.meta file, but for all .meta files. If I explain in each step what means exactly "add data" or "take data", this tutorial would be still more long and tedious, and that's not what people want (as some guys told me before), and probably would take much more time that I can't spend.

  • @Reyser I see, that makes sense. Yeah it is relatively straightforward once you get the hang of it, and I am glad that this even exists cus now I am testing every single add-on car that I care about and hoping they ll all fit into this pack I created for myself.

    From your experience though, how many cars per pack would you recommend before issues start arising?

  • @reyser Hey, im trying to make my own DLC car pack, but i simply can't spawn any car, im just trying with 1 car so i know if it works, i followed every step, but i can't find anything that is wrong, might be that i dont know the "spawn name" to spawn the car, any idea that i could make it work?:)


    @negnoodles There's not an exactly amount of cars by pack, because they all have different files sizes. Just be sure you don't reach higher than 3.5GB dlc.rpf size for each dlc pack.

    @dreezyking The spawn name is just the name of the car files, so if your car files are named as"futo.ytd/.ytf", his spawn name is "futo".

  • @Reyser said in [Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's:

    ame is just the

    Then something is wrong, Just tells me " can't any modell with that name" or something like that.


    @dreezyking Did you checked that all your META files are well formed? I mean, every car has his own carvariations.meta, handling.meta and vehicles.meta needed info to work?

  • Yes, i copy the cars Metas in to the one in the pack

  • @Reyser https://www.mediafire.com/?uyye8ft4c6ubp3w If you have time to just check if i did something wrong? Otherwise i'll try to solve it myself :)


    @dreezyking If you can try to fix yourself would be better for me, I'm very busy until next Thursday :(

  • @Reyser I will try, i'll try to make a new one see if i can get it to work

  • @Reyser Don't know what im doing wrong, can't get it to work :/

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