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[Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's



    What are you trying to install exactly and where/how? This is the first thing I need to know to understand what are you trying to get and what should you do.

  • im trying to get the rhd drive car add-ons to work in fivem, from what i understand they need the the correct vehicle layout, im trying the civic fk8, lotus carlton and a few others

  • I'm having trouble with my second addon folder. I set it up exactly the same as the first one, just with a different name, so I don't run into the rpf file size error. The cars spawn, but none of the modkits work. And that was after I made id changes in carcols & carvariations. All the metas look good, too. Idk what I'm missing here. Any help?


    @jWILL253 Did you add the tuning parts to the content.xml aswell?

  • @Reyser Yes I did. Is there a way I could share the dlc.rpf with you and you could test it out?


    @jWILL253 I don't test other mods, but if the tuning parts are missing in-game then the problem should be in one of the next files:

    • carcols.meta
    • carvariations.meta
    • content.xml

    In carcols and carvariations files, make sure that none of them do have ID values under "500" and that they're not random numbers like "3287423897923". Also, make sure that each vehicle tuning part does have the same ID in both files. I mean, if you use the ID "702" for an specific vehicle in carcols.meta, make sure that the ID in the carvariations.meta file for such car is the same.

    Also make sure that there's not any wrong/missing open/close tag. For example, if there's an "<item>" open tag, there should be a correctly placed "</item>" close tag aswell.

  • @Reyser Ok, I think I'm gonna restart it from scratch then.

    Quick question, what meta file controls vehicle entry animations? I'm guessing it's vehiclelayouts.meta, but I wanted to edit the enter/exit animations for all the gullwing & suicide door vehicles in my working dlc.


    @jWILL253 Is the vehiclelayouts.meta.

  • @Reyser Okay, that's what I had thought. I wish there was a decent tutorial online for editing it. Would you be able to provide some insight on that?

    PS, I got my 2nd addon dlc working. I think the id codes were conflicting, but I fixed them.


    @jWILL253 I don't think so since I've never created custom vehicle layouts myself. Maybe you can try asking to some vehicle developers that actually did it, like tk0wnz, Vans123, etc.

  • @Reyser Okay, thanks. I'll do that.

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