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[Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's

  • @Reyser Like I said. I'm a noob as I just basically use the original meta files. I only edited "tyrus" to "tyruslms".:grin:


    @NovaRuk But, you're trying to add TyrusLMS as Add-On or the Comet Ruff Weld ???

  • @Reyser I gave up on the comet. I was working on the tyrus


    @NovaRuk Well, tyrus crash is easy fixable (at least for me, because I know how to solve it), I'll update my DLC base folder #4 file and upload it to this website today, and you'll be able to use the car in-game without problems, just wait some hours until it will be available for download.

    At the start of Christmas holidays I'll try to see where's the info I need to fix the issue with Comet, because is the same but I still don't know where's the file with the specific info for it and now this week I don't have time to do research's (busy with exams).

  • @Reyser Oh I see. Thanks so much. But can you state what was the mistake I did that crashed the game?


    @NovaRuk Nothing, just the car need specific layouts that the game couldn't find, so when you try to enter inside, it crashes, because the game don't know what to do.


    @NovaRuk Just tested, and now TyrusLMS works perfect on my game. An update for my DLC Base Folder's pending approval, be aware ;)

  • @Reyser Haha nice dude. TYVM. :kissing_heart:

  • @Reyser Your update works. The game didn't crash but there's a slight problem. The car doesn't have a sound.


    @NovaRuk Check the "vehicles.meta" file, find the "Tyruslms" data lines and search for "<AudioNameHash />" line. If it's like that, change it to "<AudioNameHash>TYRUS</AudioNameHash>", that will solve the sound.

  • @Reyser Haha I was about to say that I fixed it. I followed your instruction fixing someone's problem about the prison bus didn't have a sound. I replace the name with tyrus and it work. Anyway, thank you so much. If only there's a tutorial how to compile variety of vehicles in one dlc.rpf, that would be great.


    @NovaRuk Np ;) Always is good to check old comments :).

    About more than 1 car into the same "dlc.rpf", I have 6 packs with more than 15 cars in each one and all working perfect. You just need to do the same process for every car, but just avoiding the process when you create a new "dlc.rpf" file, that's all.

    To add new cars to the same DLC folder:

    • Add vehicle "ytd/ytf" files in "vehicles.rpf" file, and If it have tuning parts, add the "car_mods.rpf" to "vehiclemods" folder.
    • After that, edit META files and add DATA of the car on each one (I think you know how to do it now).
    • In case it has tuning parts, you should edit "carcols.meta" file too. Inside you'll see some lines to use to add new tuning (only if you're using "Vehicles DLC Folder #4" of my mod you'll see that lines starting with "<!--" and ending with "-->" (that's a commented code)).

    That's all. If you did all ok, the new car should work fine.

  • @Reyser The tuning parts are missing. lol. I wouldn't mind about it though.


    @NovaRuk Change ID in carcols and carvariations to another one until they start working again.

  • @Reyser if I wanted to add the 2015 Mclaren P1 by vans123 i use folder 4 correct? im making a big pack of cars so most likely i would need to do folder 4 as i will be doing a couple mclarens and maybe a pagani. Also 2 addons an audi s8 fsi and a 2015 jeep srt8 have vehiclelayouts.meta files but they dont say anything connecting them to those 2 addon cars so do i just copy all the vehiclelayouts info from both addons and just mix it with the info from your folder4 vehiclelayouts and hope it works?

  • @Reyser Do I have to change the ID value only or the kitname value too?

    <id value="149" />


    @Willief23 Use the #4 folder, is the most recommended and that I use on mines. It already have the "vehiclelayouts.meta" needed for those cars, so don't worry about that.

    @NovaRuk I think that the kitName value is not needed to be changed, but I always change it too to be sure it will work and there won't be conflicts with other "kitName" cars data.

  • @Reyser i have an Problem if i add More than one car in your dlc my gta crash at the Loading screen but if i make a new dlc it Works why?


    @CSQ574 Are you replacing META files with a new ones or something? That can be one of your problems.

  • @CSQ574 this happened to me when i edited the meta files incorrectly. usually forgetting to add an <item> or </item> piece of code or an extra one added in somewhere else when copying and pasting info between new cars. You might need to update your gameconfig file as well.

  • @Reyser I tried using this thread to solve the tuning parts not showing issue.
    But none of the ID seems to work at all.:disappointed:


    @NovaRuk Try values like "238741982365923523875", or write some random numbers above 1000, some of them should work. That's what I do when more than 3 ID's are not working.

  • @Reyser for my carcols file it seems like the <lights> section isnt working because in carvariations if lets say the ferrari has an id of 888 the lightsettings=888 the car lights wont shine onto the road but if i change it to lightsettings=0 or 1 then the lights shine onto the road. Any idea what i could be doing wrong? I already carefully looking through the carcols and i copied all the info correctly and i think i spaced it correctly as well. None of my modkits work either unless in carvariations i change it to 0_default_modkit but then the cars that have tuning parts wont show up it will only do the basic engine upgrades, rims and paint. So this issue is just with id values being wrong? Because none of the cars tuning parts from the addon car mods work in LS customs

  • @Reyser I gave up. I made up all kinds of ludicrous value and it just won't work. Surely there's something wrong with it.


    @Willief23 For tuning parts working, try what I told on my older comment (Try values like "238741982365923523875", or write some random numbers above 1000, some of them should work. That's what I do when more than 3 ID's are not working.)

    For lights, if <Lights> section in carcols.meta is void, then it's obvious that the game won't find a 888 ID for lights, you should use ID's 0 or 1.

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