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[Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's


    @jWILL253 Well, answer this questions before continue with the fixing process:

    1.- ¿Are you using F7YO gameconfig?
    2.- ¿What's the size of your Add-Ons pack? (In GB)
    3.- ¿What says OpenIV.log file?

  • @Reyser https://mega.nz/#!gNJwiRyS!f8FnA05sOanFAaq_2eOIXqJNCA_zPu2d1DtjqYGdYfI There's the log.

    And I'm using a modified gameconfig that came installed with the new Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.0.1 mod that is compatible with both Rockstar Editor, OpenIV & OpenAllInteriors. The F7YO gameconfig crashes my game every time I try to record gameplay.

    And it's the same dlc file that @Willief23 suggested I fix earlier, so about 3.4 GB.


    @jWILL253 Take a look at the next lines I extracted from your OpenIV.log:

    31/12/2016 22:45:48.699 [10524] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::filelengthByName] 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/jWILL253ap1/dlc.rpf' {M}
    31/12/2016 22:45:48.699 [10524] TRACE: [fiPackfile::openArchive] 'dlcpacks:\jWILL253ap1\dlc.rpf'
    31/12/2016 22:45:48.752 [10524] TRACE: [fiPackfile::openArchive] 'dlc_jWILL253ap1:/x64/vehicles.rpf'
    31/12/2016 22:46:03.954 [10524] TRACE: [fiPackfile::openArchive] 'dlc_jWILL253ap1:/x64/vehiclemods/16charger_mods.rpf'
    31/12/2016 22:46:03.954 [10524] TRACE: [fiPackfile::openArchive] 'dlc_jWILL253ap1:/x64/vehiclemods/500gtrlam_mods.rpf'

    As you can see, the first two reads the dlc.rpf file, and then it reads the vehicles.rpf file. So far there are no mistakes. But while the program try to read the 500gtrlam_mods.rpf or the next one after this, then game crashes.

    That maybe can be caused because:

    • Carcols or Carvariations lines for this tuning parts are wrong or the file with those is corrupted.
    • The game tried to read a missing tuning part file.

    Please check that the Tuning parts of 500gtrlam_mods.rpf file and the next one are not corrupted (damaged or that's impossible to be opened to see the content) and also check that the tuning parts that appears in each one are the same as the ones that appears in carcols.meta file (check that appears all tuning parts names).

  • @jWILL253 i fixed 3 of your meta files. Your carcols and carvariations not sure if i will look at it. Your handling meta file had an extra line of code added from copying too much info from the original meta file. I fixing spacing in both handling and vehicles.meta as well as deleted and added missing pieces of code. your vehicles.meta had a bike handling line added to a car section that was either a copying error or mod author goofed that one up. Copy all 3 of those files to the data folder that has the rest of your meta files in it. Try to load it up and see if that helps.


    link for the 3 files i corrected and fixed

  • @Willief23 Thanks, I'll try it out.

    And, uh... interesting occurence, @Reyser... I loooked at the tuning files you mentioned. The 500gtrlam_mods.rpf Belongs to the Lamborghini Diablo GTR by Dover5. The tuning parts in the rpf loaded fine enough.

    What I did find was that literally every vehicle mods file for the other vehicles were corrupted. So, I'm re-adding them to the dlc.rpf to see if it helps, and I ended up switching back to the F7VO gameconfig (1x traffic file) to test out other cars in separate dlcs because the RDE one kept crashing. I'll give an update in a bit.


    @jWILL253 Ok. I couldn't guess if your meta files had excesive data because I didn't have your entire dlc.rpf, but it's fine that @Willief23 could check it for me ;). As I could read, probably that's another of the problems you were having to load correctly the DLC, you had info that were not needed and the game couldn't find any car to use with it.

    Periodically you need to check that none of your vehicle_mods.rpf files is corrupted. Otherwise, in-game you'll see that your cars can be customized but tuning parts won't appear/shown.

    And yes, gameconfig by F7YO is the most recommended option :)

  • @jWILL253 i also found under carvariations.meta you have alot of modkit ids used 2-3 times and some of them used up to 4 times, this might lead to the game not fully loading as it doesnt know which modkit to load. 0_default_modkit is the only one you can use as many times as you want as well as light ids you can share those with as many cars as you want.

    i changed over 40 modkit ids are they were the same or id numbers too high. Also fixed spacing and some lines copied incorrectly. So your big problem is going to be carvariations.meta and carcols.meta files since I fixed your other meta files already in the link from earlier.

    if you change modkit ids you need to change them under both carcols and carvariations. and try the game with only your dlcpack and no others.

  • @Reyser Okay, I fixed the modkits, and the game still crash. Only this time, it wasn't ERR_SYS_FILELOAD, but ERR_FIL_PACK_3.

    Here's another OpenIv.log with the updated data: https://mega.nz/#!BZBVmKoD!JLrh9tkvdyyKas3eszKl5z8bxLCTfG4tGAkxsb-Dtgw

    @Willief23 Wouldn't that just mean that the conflicting mod kits wouldn't show up in game, and you'd only be able to modify like three categories on the conflicting vehicles? I've had conflicting ID's before and in those case, the game would still load, but the car parts wouldn't.


    @jWILL253 Ok, as I can see in OpenIV.log and the error you're getting, I suppose your DLC is higher than before? I always got this error with sizes higher than 3.9 - 4GB.

  • @Reyser Barely. It's about 3.56 GB now.


    @jWILL253 When you finish fixing meta files with @Willief23, then try again to load the DLC (being 100% sure all files are correct), and If this problem still persists, then divide in 2 parts the DLC (if this DLC have 40 cars, then 20 to a new clean DLC with their car files and meta info) and defragment vehicles.rpf and dlc.rpf of both.

    With all this done correctly, it should work.

  • @Reyser For Replace to Add-on Vehicles, where do you find the carcols and carvariations of the original vehicle so I can put those data to the add-on I am making?


    @rraaiizzeenn Usually they're located at /update/update.rpf/x64/carcols.ymt and x64a.rpf/data/carvariations.ymt, but for the Carvariations.ymt you'll have to download a decrypted file, otherwise you couldn't take any info. If the info you want for your car is not in any of that both files, you'll check all the files until you find it.

  • @rraaiizzeenn If the add-on vehicle doesn't include them I'll usually just copy the entry for one that does, paste it in place and then change all the appropriate lines/names to fit the new vehicle. Works like a charm so far on 5 or 6 vehicles using the recycled info from one.

  • @Reyser how do i change the dails ?


    @Abdulrhman1 If you're making and Add-On from a Replace vehicle, at bottom of the vehicles.meta file you should add the info of the replacer car and change the name to your add-on vehicle, an example:

    If the replacer vehicle is the "Surfer2", then you should take next lines of the bottom of a vehicles.meta file (usually located in /update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5/):


    And change them to this:


    For dashboard (Taking the same example as above):





    Probably the VDT_ reference


    @ReNNie I didn't fall on it, thanks!

  • @Reyser it worked! thanks

  • Hi my name is Edwin this is my first time here. I was wondering what I need to moods my computer I mean what programs to do download and what else I have to do please help me to mods my computer in GTA V thanks guys hope to hear from anyone here

  • @evinramos Please create your own topic with questions about specific mods because this is not the purpose of the topic you've posted in.

  • I didn't get it yet

  • @Reyser Another question
    i made carcols with 4 tunings
    and it worked
    but when i add more tuning, it doesn't work
    even the 4 ones that i made before


    @Abdulrhman1 Maybe changing the ID value will make them work too. Which one were you using?


    show us in pastebin, maybe just a syntaxis error in the carcols coding

    (And a tutorial thread isn't the right place to discuss this perhaps ;) )

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