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[Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's

  • @Reyser Hi, thanks for the reply. I think I"m just plain stupid for messing this whole thing up nonstop lol, not sure why either. Also, on your instructions you said to add this line if there's a tuning part:


    However, I tried adding this line in content (I replaced car_mods.rpf with the corresponding _mods.rpf files for the cars I"ve added) but now the cars won't spawn. I checked how vans and GTAkorn did their dlcpacks and I noticed that instead of dlc_TUNING, they used dlc_FOLDERNAME.

    I.e: <Item>dlc_vansmods:/%PLATFORM%/levels/vansmods/vehiclemods/veneno_mods.rpf</Item>

    SO I tried changing it to dlc_foldername and suddenly all the cars spawned but the tuning parts doesn't work. As in the tuning parts actually appear in LSC but when I apply it onto the car, lets say I apply a front bumper, the entire front part of the car would disappear. it's almost as if it can identify that the tuning part exist but can't actually load it.


    @LeeC2202 Just do the next:

    1.- Remove all vehiclename_mods.rpf files from vehiclemods folder of your Add-Ons.
    2.- Remove all entries related to Tuning Parts of your content.xml files.
    3.- You don't need carcols.meta file for a car that doesn't have tuning parts, unless you use <Lights>section data for any car. If not, then you can delete it (don't forget to delete too the entry in content.xml file).
    4.- In carvariations.meta file you'll need to replace all modkits (<Item> inside each <kits></kits> section) value to "<Item>0_default_modkit</Item>", to keep generic tuning working for every car (Windows tint, suspension, acceleration, etc).

    @negnoodles If the name of your Add-On folder is "FOLDERNAME" and you have it as "TUNING" in content.xml, then is impossible that the game load any vehicle from that Add-On pack, it can't load any file from TUNING DLC because it doesn't exist.

    The "dlc_NAME" should be the same as the name of your DLC FOLDER, that's why when you changed it to "dlc_FOLDERNAME" it worked.

    About tuning parts, maybe you put the same info for tuning parts more than 1 time in any of the carcols or carvariations files, check it. Otherwise, maybe they're conflicting with another tuning parts.

  • @Reyser Thank you. :slight_smile:

  • @Reyser
    Hi yeah, what I meant was you said to add the line dlc_tuning whereas we're actually supposed to add the line dlc_foldername ? Because this is an example of how my content.xml looked like when I thought I was supposed to just use dlc_tuning as per your instructions on the first page:


    So what I'm saying is maybe you had a typo in your first post?

    But about the duplicating data info, I guess I'll just have to check the files again lol. Thanks for the help nonetheless.


    @negnoodles Oh I just saw it. Yes, was a mistake I didn't saw before (maybe because since December I have an exam/week minimum). Thanks for reporting it, is already corrected.

  • I can't seem to get multiple Add-on vehicles working at once, how do i fix?


    @ravensniper72 Why? What happens when you try to do it?

  • nevermind i got it working, i think i just was missing a file

  • can't make it word, can somebody help please?

    I created the folder ADDONS inside dlcpacks (inside mods/update/x64) and edited the setup2.xml and contente.xml with ADDONS folder, after that, i added the line inside the dlclist.xml

    Inserted the ytd files inside vehicles.rpf, but when i try to Spawn, the modmenu says that the car doensn't existe and nothing happens...

    help please


    @hardlevel What you said, told me that maybe you forgot to edit the .META files... so your game never will be able to spawn the car.

  • i merged the meta files of the addon car and the ones inside the data folder, i can do this or i need to replace? i didn't understand this part...


    @hardlevel You just need to add the specific info of the car in each meta file. Maybe you copied more than you should, send me a pic of how you edited your handling.meta file.

  • there's a easier way of merge meta files? when i replace with open iv it'll merge or subscribe?


    @hardlevel When you replace a file with OpenIV, it replaces the whole content for the new one, so you need to edit meta files each time you add a new car. Replacing the meta files you'll lose the previous progress.

  • @Reyser In any of the files you create for an addon, is there any that specify the wheel type the vehicle will spawn with?

    I know that in vehicles.meta, there is <wheelType>VWT_SPORT</wheelType> but is there anywhere you can specify which wheel in that set you want to use?

    I have a car that I want to set up to spawn with the 5-Star chromed alloys from the Sports set but it always spawns with what I presume is the first wheel in that set.


    @LeeC2202 In the files I create for Add-On there isn't any type of information about that, except what you mentioned above. But that should be at any of the update.rpf/common/ files, otherwise with each update DLC vehicles won't spawn with their respective designed wheels.

  • @Reyser I'll have a dig through the data files, see what I can find... thank you.


    @LeeC2202 I think I've found something in vehiclemodelsets.meta file. Find the first <Name>LOWRIDERS_MODDED</Name> line and you'll see a list of lowrider vehicles that uses custom parts at spawn like the next info:

                    <ModIndex value="7" />

    Where <ModIndex value="7" /> maybe is the position that a wheel have designed for it's category in vehicles.meta file. Try to change the value and check in-game if the wheel designed to the car when it spawns has changed.

  • @Reyser I have seen some addons with that file included but I never knew what it was for. I will try adding that data to the addon I am working with, see if I can force a wheel change in that.

    Thank you, I would have taken an age to find that, very much appreciated. :) This is all for my Datsun/Nissan that I did the livery for, so it's worth the effort to get it right... I only want it to spawn in a single configuration, it just has to be the right configuration.


    @LeeC2202 No problem, I thought you were/are busy coding or doing some other stuff and tried to help finding it myself. Now I'll go to sleep, but if it doesn't work, tell me and tomorrow I'll try to find more in other game files ;)

    Btw, the Livery for it looks really cool, I just forgot to tell you that when I saw it yesterday (was busy with "homework"...), and yes, if is an special car for you, you'll do all what you can to see it as you want, like I did with the Porsche Carrera GT :)

  • @Reyser I didn't want to reply last night as I decided to get some sleep instead and I didn't want you to go looking for more files at that time of night.

    That file seems to control the variations of each model in each model set, when they are spawned into the game as traffic/scripted vehicles. So I'm not sure that's going to work for addons.

    Maybe because of how the game works, there are no files that simply control the spawn state of a vehicle in the way I want it. Maybe I need to add custom code to my Auto-Snap mod that spawns it in a specific condition. I'll have another look later.



    Still find it hard to wrap my head around the logic in the way the game controls stuff like this:
    vehicle.meta > what type of wheel category, vehicle category, etc
    carvariations.meta > what colors schemes and which livery to spawn with a specific color scheme, which plates, what tuning kit,
    and then a completely different vehiclemodelsets.meta to control the state in which the modkit, the wheel variety and so on is spawned.
    Why not let the carvariations.meta hold that info too, caught in a single line?

    And when the VMT_WHEELS is identified by values, then why not do the same to liveries instead of the list method?


    What were they thinking?
    Anyway, gonna look into this someday to see what it does :) No way I'm going to create this for 650+ vehicles tho

  • @ReNNie From what I can see... which may of course be wrong.

    vehicles.meta defines the vehicle
    carvariations.meta defines the different appearance/performance options for that vehicle
    vehicelmodelsets.meta controls which of those model variations can appear when the game spawns one.

    So carvariations says "Hey, this car can appear in all these variations with all these optional modkits" but vehiclemodelsets says "Hey, that's right but I only want to spawn it in this specific combination of modkits".

    I think it's all a matter of only giving the different parts of the game engine, just the information it requires. The spawning process only needs to know what limitations apply to the vehicle it is about to spawn, so you don't want it digging through data that defines the vehicle. It makes sense from a logic perspective but not much sense from a modding perspective.

    Most of these files will be generated by an automated process, simply laying out data structures that the game wants. There's probably a very nice UI that straps onto the front end of this process that makes everything seem perfectly sensible... hard to imagine I know. :D


    very eloquently put ... boy, how would I love to control such an UI on a modded V :P

  • @ReNNie If we fully understood the data structures and the logic behind them, one could be built I suspect.

    The biggest hurdle I hit when trying to do exactly that, was trying to get the data into a complete and correct chronological order. If you don't know the order of the data, you can't tell which data precedes or supersedes other data. It just needs me (or someone else) to sit down, take every patch and dlcpack that has been released and organise them by date. I can then extract the data to match and can then start to build an accurate set of tools.

    Between vehicles.meta, carcols and carvariations, I have 249 files and I suspect there may be more files relevant to the process. If I had all that data, creating addons would be a literal piece of cake... but trying to work out the order of all those files is tedious and I get bored easily. :(

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