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[Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's



    What are you trying to install exactly and where/how? This is the first thing I need to know to understand what are you trying to get and what should you do.

  • im trying to get the rhd drive car add-ons to work in fivem, from what i understand they need the the correct vehicle layout, im trying the civic fk8, lotus carlton and a few others

  • I'm having trouble with my second addon folder. I set it up exactly the same as the first one, just with a different name, so I don't run into the rpf file size error. The cars spawn, but none of the modkits work. And that was after I made id changes in carcols & carvariations. All the metas look good, too. Idk what I'm missing here. Any help?


    @jWILL253 Did you add the tuning parts to the content.xml aswell?

  • @Reyser Yes I did. Is there a way I could share the dlc.rpf with you and you could test it out?


    @jWILL253 I don't test other mods, but if the tuning parts are missing in-game then the problem should be in one of the next files:

    • carcols.meta
    • carvariations.meta
    • content.xml

    In carcols and carvariations files, make sure that none of them do have ID values under "500" and that they're not random numbers like "3287423897923". Also, make sure that each vehicle tuning part does have the same ID in both files. I mean, if you use the ID "702" for an specific vehicle in carcols.meta, make sure that the ID in the carvariations.meta file for such car is the same.

    Also make sure that there's not any wrong/missing open/close tag. For example, if there's an "<item>" open tag, there should be a correctly placed "</item>" close tag aswell.

  • @Reyser Ok, I think I'm gonna restart it from scratch then.

    Quick question, what meta file controls vehicle entry animations? I'm guessing it's vehiclelayouts.meta, but I wanted to edit the enter/exit animations for all the gullwing & suicide door vehicles in my working dlc.


    @jWILL253 Is the vehiclelayouts.meta.

  • @Reyser Okay, that's what I had thought. I wish there was a decent tutorial online for editing it. Would you be able to provide some insight on that?

    PS, I got my 2nd addon dlc working. I think the id codes were conflicting, but I fixed them.


    @jWILL253 I don't think so since I've never created custom vehicle layouts myself. Maybe you can try asking to some vehicle developers that actually did it, like tk0wnz, Vans123, etc.

  • @Reyser Okay, thanks. I'll do that.

  • @Reyser I have a problem that I think you can help.Your tutorial looks very helpful and thanks to you,I learn the use of some files.So,my problem is that I'm installing 2 add-on cars as replacer(In this case these are countach mod by dover5 and the ford gt mod in your tutorial,replacing the Torero and Bullet ),they spawn and function properly(works great with a general handling mod),HOWEVER,the tuning parts are not working.When I try to modify Countach,I get vanilla parts Instead of modded ones and they spawn in weird points(Sorry for my bad English there)and when It comes to Ford GT,I think the game doesn't see the parts,because in simple trainer It writes 0 0 (I looked benny s mod aswell).Also The countach comes with 2 variations,I Installed count5 as replacer and count6 as an add on but the game doesn't see count6.I think I Installed everything like you said.I didn't changed the names of tuning parts though,only (from fgt_mods.rpf to bullet_mods.rpf)

    I hope you can help me,my game version is 1737 and I'm using a bypass cuz Im sick of reinstalling my game and my mods when a fearsome update comes.Thanks in advance :D

  • I downloaded your exapmle file to compare and I guess I did something wrong again.I downloaded a countach addon(for torero)as well as the ford gt but when I try to mod them their parts doesn't show up,and with torero crash suddenly when I try to mod it.I ve been struggling with the mods 19-20 hours in 2 days,can you help me?The problem was different before but now,They arent showing up,I don't have a problem withcars spawning,but the tuning parts are,ooof.


    @gamerpro023 I'm not using the Countach vehicle mod so I can't help you with it, but still the process should be the same as with the Ford GT.

    About the tuning parts, do the content.xml file lines for the tuning parts of each vehicle contain the following?

    <locked value="true"/>
              <disabled value="true"/>
              <persistent value="true"/>
              <overlay value="true"/>

    This is needed to let the game know that this file should override any other file with the same name (aka override the vanilla "bullet_mods.rpf" with your "fordgt_mods.rpf" file).

    Also, in the carcols and carviariations files of your replacers, make sure to use the same tuning parts ID numbers as the ones used in the vanilla carcols.ymt file for each car respectively to avoid conflicts.

  • so they were 220 ish in the vanilla torero I guess,lets say 221, but mod was 964,should I change the modkit Id and the other 964's to 221 then? Also yeah,I even copy pasted your example twice with that content thing,one for gt and one for countach(used torero instead of bullet in it,ofc :D)
    And when I search via open ıv tool,my game doesn't seem to have bullet_mods.


    @gamerpro023 Yes, you should use the same exact ID as the vanilla files had in order to override them all with the new tuning parts.

  • Im having problem about these stupid virtual metal parts for 2 days,but problems are changing,that means Im progressing,or the opposite doing things worse.I don't know but I will try every way probably,until the solution.I ll try this ID thing now,how do I do it?Should I only change the Ids on the carcols or Is there other ID s to change? and also how do I edit carcols.ymt files (for some other cars,I don't know If I need to edit them or not)And btw,I didn't touched the vehicles.meta in the dlc folder,but I changed 2 of them in the gunrunning dlc (for torero) and 1 in the common data levels(for ford GT)


    "I ll try this ID thing now,how do I do it?Should I only change the Ids on the carcols or Is there other ID s to change?"

    Aren't you using an add-on folder to replace the vehicles on it? If you're using an add-on folder for that purpose, then just copy & paste the vehicle information in the carcols and carvariations meta files and change the ID's respectively.

  • Im using your add on folder(folder 4),I copy pasted carcols and carvariations of the cars that I wanted into the ones in the add on folder but It didn't worked but I will try to change the ID's now It was 964 and now I will make it 224 like in the vanilla,and get back to you

  • @Reyser so, The countach In my garage is saved with tuning parts before I installed this 4 th addon folder(It was number 2 before) and some of the body parts were missing.
    after changing the ID's,the body parts were restored but still the tuning parts arent visible and when I try to change bumper for example It doesn't show the bumper aswell(the stock bumper is disappearing when I try to change it)
    Like I said I ve been struggling for 2 days straight or maybe a little more and I want it so bad,so I hope you can help me,I'm not experienced at modding but probably my mistake Is a not an hard thing to fix but I just can't see it due to my inexperience at modding.

    EDIT Again:I changed one of 2 torero_mods.rpf with the custom modded one(3,If we include the one in the custom add on replacer folder)and It fixed the torero(parts are named as to found but they show up like they meant to be),However,ford s part arent showing up,I think that's because my game doesn't have bullet_mods.rpf(or openiv tool couldn't find it)so Ill try to replace addon gtr with elegy now.


    @gamerpro023 There's not much more I can do to help you without doing it for you (and I won't do that, you wouldn't learn if I do that) other than telling you to check that the carcols.meta and the carvariations.meta files don't contain any mistakes, the ID's are the same in both files and the files that contain the tuning parts are not corrupted.

    Also, try replacing the files names from "fgt_mods.rpf" to "bullet_mods.rpf" (don't forget about doing the same in the content.xml file) to see if that fixes the issues.

  • @Reyser said in [Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's:

    I can do to help you without doing it for you (and I won't do that, you wouldn't learn if I do that)

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness:) If you don't get bored to help me ,I would be happy to learn what my problem is,of course.I m sure that It ll be useful for me in this game.

    @Reyser said in [Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's:

    Also, try replacing the files names from "fgt_mods.rpf" to "bullet_mods.rpf" (don't forget about doing the same in the content.xml file)

    I m already doing these,and I was even replacing the names of the tuning parts until this morning I realized that I don't need to do so.

  • Thank you soo much,for the mod and especially for your help :100 :) You really saved my time by sacrificing yours

    It looks like It's working now,The tuning parts spawn when I change them manually(along with putting it to the vehiclemods folder of the addon replace file)I have 3 question left:
    1-The amg addon had ydr files and I guess they were additional wheels and also in carcols.meta,there was a section called wheels but I didn't copied it on purpose.
    2-What happens If I don't change the vehicles meta?It looks like a useless file,I may definitely be wrongbut there is no problem as I see,except Franklin becomes 2.5 meters long when sitting in amg gtr and I can't see my front
    3-Is there any discord group or anything you recommend in order to receive help faster and help people faster?Because forums seem to be slower than the groups.

  • @gamerpro023

    1. Opeit using OpenIV and you would see what is it, if it's wheels
    2. it's most important meta for vehicles, it specific names, sounds, effects, sitting positions, camera positions, extras, textures, spawning, peds reactions etc. Your car may work without it but once you replace more vehicles without editing vehicles.meta, these small mistakes crash or really slowdown your game and can make a lot not nice bugs aswell.
    3. I don't know about this but I think forum is fast enought, not every can sit here all day long so every one respond when he can. For example for me it's nights of european time, I come, browse last topics and help where I can, discuss what I'm interesting in and read what can learn me (:



    1.- Probably additional wheels, check it by opening the file. There's a section called "<wheels>" in carcols.meta to be able to put additional wheels in the game, but if you do so you'll need a trainer that allows you to change the wheels with added ones. Not every trainer does have that feature.
    2.- Maybe dials missplaced, player pov not accurate, vehicle engine sounds are not the same, etc. I recommend replacing the car info (the vehicles.meta file can't be used in your own add-on/replace folder as the game does have the vehicles.meta located in update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5/ as the main one).
    3.- Try the 5Mods one or the NaturalVision Evolved mod discord server. I'm in both and sometimes there's people helping others. Still, don't expect fast replies because there's no reason for someone to know how to help you.

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