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I have big hopes for a Civilian ZR-380

  • One of the well known GTA cars in the series is the Annis ZR (Even though it doesn't have a brand and in SA, it's a ZR-350 in we'll count that, probably.) Now when Arena War showed up and see the content on Reddit, we saw the new ZR after 13 years of absence but now called the ZR-380.

    Though there's one thing that was a little not cool, which is the car is all armoured up like a death-race look and there's no way to look the most standard, civilian model.

    Thankfully, the great GTA modders will surely gonna make some of the new armoured, demolition derby cars to a civilian ones.

  • will be probaly released after few days scripthook update is out

  • I'm sure someone working with the Vanillaworks team will figure out something. Those people seem to have a great handle on creating lore friendly stuff with really high quality.

  • yea vanillaworks is actually working on an zr380 civilian and will be included in the upcomming version

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