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Vehicle (Koenigsegg Agera Variants)

  • Good day fellow modders. I come before you bearing a request for a car. The Koenigsegg Agera. I hope some of you would take time to hear my request. I know some of you know what car i'm talking about. Over the years koenigsegg made many variations of their flagship car. All ageras looks the same, just with different wing configurations or rear/front bumpers. I hope someone out their could make my request a reality as some of the members (maybe) are also wanting this. Create or convert an Agera with tuning to make it a one:1, agera rs, agera xs, agera final edition or just a plain agera. All of this differs in bumpers and wing configuration. Thank you ever so much for your time.

    Ps. I hope it's free and an Add-on.
    Pps. Or make a Regera with the ghost package.
    Ppps. Or a Huayra Tempesta pack.

    thank you again and have a great day. :)

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