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Carpack mods for gta v redux mod

  • Anyone u guys know any carpack mods that are compatibke with gta v redux mods?becoz i once installed the most downloaded carpack mods in gta v then installed the gta v redux mod my game crashes at loading ...but i can play redux mod without the carpack mods....please if u have any idea can u help me please thnk you...

  • @donasco12 Install Redux, replace the gameconfig.xml, and you are good to go.

  • @Akila_Reigns where can i find this gameconfig?..and for the steps shud i install the redux first?or the carpak mods first?..thnk you for ur advice...hope to hear from u soon

  • @donasco12 Try this or this.
    My advise is.. well, uninstall Redux if you respect other modders' work such as _ CP_'s because it uses stolen files from VisualV, L.A Roads etc.
    But if you really like Redux, you can keep it.
    Let's say you decided to keep Redux.

    1. Install Redux
    2. Install car pack.
    3. Replace the gameconfig.xml.
    4. If it still crashes, it has to be something else, like Reshade.

  • Ok thank you ...il try this one....thnks for the advice bro...i have one last question...when ur modding if u install another mods you are replacing the files rights?so will it affect the another mods u have installed?i mean for example u installed the redux then i will install the carpak while installing u are replacing some files...so will it affect the first mods u installed?thnk u

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