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No blur on minimap + shadow underneath it?

  • Can anyone create a mod that makes the radar look just like when you're in North Yankton? It means no blurry edges but shadow instead. Picture:

    alt text

    I know there are mods which remove the blur but there's no shadow! With shadow under the radar it looks 10x better (in my opinion).

  • @Tengerecki If you want no blur try using Previous Generation HUD

    That removes both the old map and adds new or should I say old features to GTA V

  • @SLY95ZER

    First of all, thanks. I know that mod but I'm specifically looking for a mod that removed border and adds shadow. Is it even possible?

  • @Tengerecki Hmm I'm not sure if it is but it's safe to say that will be your best bet for now

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