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Do you think we'll ever get animation imports figured out?

  • Others wait for GTA6 so they can play it. I wait for GTA6 so that T2 and Rockstar will abandon GTAV and leave us alone to hacksaw our way through it.
    It's been years and we're still unable to decode their animation system? I'm a texture and mesh guy, so when it comes to animations and the state of modding thereof, I rely on others that know their way around it to give me information on the current state of things. However, I've gotten conflicting reports on what exactly we're dealing with when it comes to the animation engine and our inability to crack it and start importing our own animations.
    So... What exactly is the sitrep on animation imports and do you think we'll ever conquer this great divide?

  • @PsiBurner If I'm entirely honest with you I'd say no it's highly unlikely R* will release GTA VI soon but as for the animations I'd say give or take a few months and we may have it figured out.

    Also, Jedijosh920 is working on an animation program to add custom ones

  • @SLY95ZER That's fantastic news! Thanks for the info Sly. Good 'ol Josh, where would we be without him?
    Are there dev updates being posted anywhere that you know of? I checked Josh's website and didn't find anything

  • @PsiBurner I believe it's on his Youtube as he's been teasing it for a while now

  • @SLY95ZER Right on. Thanks again :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @PsiBurner Anytime always happy to help :)

  • Perhaps unrelated, but what I wonder is if things like cloth physics or at least wind swaying the hair and loose clothing for anybody other than the main three guys will ever be a thing

  • @nineth Its possible but not for peds that have all models in one .ydd, only streamed peds can have clothing physics (so it could be possible to add it for Multiplayer characters)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Yeah I installed Sherry from Resident Evil 6 and she has wind motion, guess I just forgot that.

  • Not much news on this front unfortunately. Josh's tool is in limbo since we haven't heard anything about it since his youtube video teasing it (below) dropped.

    The official FiveM teased "research" back in January in a Twitter post and nothing since.
    Anyone have any news on .ycd editing/ custom animations?

    Here's the FiveM tweet:

    link text

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