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[Tutorial] Downgrade GTA 5 from v.1604.0 to v.1493.1

  • Hi Everyone !

    Let me permit to help you giving you a tutorial to downgrade your Grand Theft Auto V (Steam).

    From the last version out on the 11th of Decembre 2K18 to the version 1493.1 out on the 16th Of October 2K18.

    There's a video on YouTube who deals about that but I give in addition informations ;-)

    1. Delete the 6 Gigas (mods + original GTAV repertory) of the Last Update that you don't need with the 1493.1 version,

    2. Install Script Hook V the 1493.1 version,

    3. Install you prefered Mod Menu,

    4. With OpenIV install the downgrade 1604.0 to 1493.1.oiv

    Now you should succeed for now !

    Here is the Link needed of the easy Tuto

    Enjoy ! ;-)

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