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/HELP/ Corrupted save

  • Hey.

    I launched GTA V this morning and my save launched and it was ok. This afternoon, I launched my game and I had to choose between 2 options: Cloud save and PC save. I don't know what I chose, but I launched it and it said that my save was corrupted and could not charge and was searching a save in my "Documents" folder in GTA V. I waited and the game restarted at the beginning.

    I checked in the Social Club website and:

    1/ In the "Personal vehicles", I can only see Franklin's Buffalo, I can't see the other blokes'.
    2/ There are all the informations of my save, with every amount of money and percentage of using that Michael/Franklin/Trevor has. alt text
    3/ There are all the stats of the characters in my save /here are Franklin's/ ![alt text](0_1544791056051_upload-ef9123c8-91f5-4b42-b80f-b0f802b26cfa image url)
    4/ It shows all the missions/random events/etc, I've done: alt text You can see I did all the missions.

    I think it's in Cloud save, but I can't go back to Cloud save; I presume I chose the "PC save" options.

    Also, I saw a video that deals with a "cloudsavedata" file. I found it, then deleted it, as said in the video. Same problem. Here's my profile Folder with all the files. alt text

    Please, help me, It's been almost a year that I tryhard on GTA V SP, I would be very pissed by the idea of losing all my progress for a simple mistake...

    Also, sorry for my english, I'm French.



    @Star-Man-0 load the game from the start and try loading from a different save when you get to the prologue

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