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GTA V crash after opening OpenIV

  • I installed gta v today again and updated it. It played fine then I wanted to mod it, all I did was copy the game to another drive and I opened OpenIV and just selected the GTA V folder and didn’t activate it yet and the game crashes even after 3 seconds. I looked on YouTube for a few fixes but none worked. How do I get the game running again, I don’t have 9 gigs of data again


    why did you copy it to another drive? as far as i know the game has issues loading from any drive it wasn't installed directly onto like an external drive (don't quote me on that, seen others have that issue before)

  • @Reacon I wanted to backup the game before I mod it, I also cracked the copied one and both worked until I opened OpenIV


    @Siyambonga what do you mean cracked the copied one?

  • Let me give you the full story, I have a preorder GTA V from when it came out on PC with the 500000 for online and offline. I installed it a few days back and downloaded the 9 gigs which cost me about $15 because I live in a stupid country called South Africa. I looked at a bunch of tutorials about adding games and scripthook and OpenIV before I modded the game. Downloaded the latest versions of all the required apps and mods to start modding, I was able to replace a car with OpenIV, I downloaded a few car mods so I read the readme and followed it. I couldn’t even get to the Rockstar logo and the game crashed, I uninstalled it and reinstalled and downloaded the game updates again at like $15 then copied the whole game to another drive and cracked it using the retail to steam app from Reloaded and that game copy opened and played. I opened OpenIV to link to the cracked version on the other drive not the original installed one because I unplugged it so that game files couldn’t be changed. I opened OpenIV just once and it said there was no “encryption.ini” file or something like that in the cracked version. Then I closed OpenIV then plugged the original drive with GTA then it wouldn’t open like the last time. I’m not downloading 9 gigs again

  • Sorry @Siyambonga but from what I read, you have been tricked into wasting your money on an illegal copy of the game. :D

    First of all, price of this game starts from at least $31 (I checked it today in a store. Rough calculation from my national currency).

    Second, if you own a legal version of the game, all of the updates arrive to you... for free... Too bad you paid for that...

    Thirdly and most importantly, the modding community does not support cracked versions of the game, Reloaded especially. Regardless of what the motivation for using cracked software is.

    We abide by the rules set forth by Rockstar and Take-Two, because this is the rule that, basically, allows us to enjoy mods.

    What you describe, is very complicated actually. I am a believer in the "Occam's Razor" principle which is - always seek the simplest and most evident solution to a problem or question. In that case, my verdict is that you have been scammed. And twice at that. I strongly suggest that you either buy the game through Steam or order a valid, retail version and, this way, pay to the people who really deserve your money.

  • @TheMurderousCricket I have the retail version of the game. I was even playing online, my whole problem is that when I open OpenIV and select the gta v folder, I don’t need to do any changes or enable Edit Mode and then my game won’t work anymore. All I want to know YTF OpenIV crashes my game

  • Then why would you need to crack anything if you own a retail version like you suggest? Which, by the way, I doubt because "retail version" has nothing to do with downloading initial installation files and paying just $15... :/ Note that preorder versions have also been sold for $22 - $24.

    If the game is pirated or cracked, OpenIV will not work. At least not easily! But I neither checked it nor will I help to unfold it on an illegal version...

  • @TheMurderousCricket

    downloaded the 9 gigs which cost me about $15 because I live in a stupid country called South Africa

    He didn't buy the game for $15; he bought internet usage.

    What is your reasoning for trying to use a pirate version of the game? Pirate versions aren't supported for modding.

    I have no idea why OpenIV would be breaking your game before you do anything. Using a cracked version of the game probably won't help.

    Can you send us a screenshot of your game directory (after you remove the crack)? Maybe there are some extra broken modding files in there that didn't get deleted when you uninstalled.

  • That must indeed be relatively rare purchase option @Jitnaught which, regrettably, I was not aware of.

    Sorry for being suspicious @Siyambonga, but there are lots of people out there who simply don't mind the copyright... And when you mentioned using crack... :confounded: There are days out here that not one, not two, but several pirates appear and cheerfully ask us for rescue... Please understand.

    I concur that using said crack will hardly solve the problem for you, no matter what your reasoning is. I don't think it's important why you try this option out but it won't fix anything.

    What is important however, is that if you used OpenIV to, for example, mod your game and you did it "on the living organism" rather than in the safe "mods" folder, this might be causing problem.

    A simple question then - did you make any edits to the original files and do you use "mods" folder to store these changes?

  • Sorry for the long replies, I will take a screenshot when I get home, it’s summer here so we’re getting drunk and having fun. FYI I’m using the OpenIV v3.0 I think as it’s the latest I got from the site, should I try getting older ones?


    9 gigs seems awful low for gta, do you mean 90? Even at that I don’t think gta is that much gigs?


    God, I wish I was back in PE. Get drunk ey!

  • sorry guys for the wrong reply again, was on vacation...left PC. I have the screenshot. Another way to help is to perhaps we should start modding it perhaps something isn't loading!![alt text](0_1546433717985_Untitled_2.jpg image url)

  • It doesn’t matter anymore, fixed the game without anyone’s help. If you’re having the same problem tell me here I’ll type the solution, not going to do it now

  • Help same thing is happening to me

  • @Siyambonga I have same problem pls help me can I use open iv for gta v cracked version pls replay

  • @Glicozi-troco for one, the guy hasn't been active anywhere but this thread, which is now 3 years old, and two, no-one is going to help you if you're using a pirated version of the game.

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