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Mod kit ID registry to avoid conflicts

  • Hello all,

    I have created a mod kit ID registry so people can register which modkit IDs they are using for mods they plan to release publicly, to avoid accidentally using a modkit ID already in use by another mod. This will make it easier for modders to make sure their mods are widely compatible, and less likely to create support requests from users.

    The registry is available here, and can be publicly edited at the moment: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/154RLDnK35cNUPZrIiEep5ymy9UlQ-jpsx1XJxiJ9-Qw/edit?usp=sharing

    Please feel free to add mod kit IDs you are using, or that you know are in use by mods you've downloaded. If someone wanted to go through some of the more popular released mods that use modkits and add them in, that would be a great help.

    Obviously this is an entirely voluntary effort for modders to all make life easier for each other. Nobody's going to come after you or fight over IDs, I just want to make things go smoother :)


    Great idea, this should make a good resource for vehicle creators! :slight_smile:

    Maybe it's also a good idea to reserve pools for mod packs like IVPack and VanillaWorks.

  • Great stuff, perhaps you could make one for sirensettings (carcols) too?

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