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Accidentally made this....

  • So basically i was building a new handling line for my upcoming Ariel Atom v2.0 release, and this happens.... im still very new at making handling lines so it takes me a while to get what i want but i get there eventually :D

  • you can make the rear of the vehicle Heavy so that, it's rear won't go up when you push hard on the front brakes. but front going up with acceleration is Very nice. ~ Drag race type :) love it.

  • I saved the handling maybe ill make a drag car one day :P, even made it so the back doesnt come up

  • i think the problem is the center of mass that makes the car go wheelies and flip over when you turn

  • Actually most of this happened when i was editing the suspension portion of the handling meta its pretty fun to see how crazy the cars react to large values. (except when it crashes the game) :P

  • Hey is this site ledgit

  • @BAKEDBEEN420 i'd say this is the Best GTA 5 mods website out there. i don't know what you mean by Legit though. everything is organized and security Checked. and admins and moderators are always doing a great job.

  • Look's as thought you might have changed a handling flag set to motorcycle somewhere.

    @BAKEDBEEN420 Nothing's legit when dealing with Mods.

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