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YMAP's got LIMITS ? Not loading maps anymore ?

  • Okay Guys,

    Here's the situation,

    I made a map which was exceeding the prop limit. So I split the map into multiple parts.Now for the first approach of map I completed like 50% of the project.Resulting in multiple ymaps. Then I stopped for a few days.

    After that I started working again and I removed the first ymaps so that I can place more detail props for like grass, which were at the same place as the first 50% of the project were. Now I have 2 phase of my project as Phase-1 with main 50% of build and Phase-2 with rest of the build and were also split in multiple ymaps.

    So before I load them all together I thought of checking out my second phase.I used the converter and loaded them and it loaded correctly.(So did Phase-1 before I started phase-2),

    Then I decided that I should load all the ymaps together which should result in my complete project. So I put all my ymaps together in custom maps.rpf and there were a lot of ymaps and just started the launcher.**BUT THE GAME CRASHED ON LOADING SCREEN.**I tried many times by removing other mods as well.I do not have and replace or add-on map mod on the game.

    I was really hoping ymaps didn't have any limits.But for some reason I decided to make 2 folders with custom_maps.rpf as Phase-1 and Phase-2.I loaded these folder separately into the game and they got loaded perfectly.(I did made changes to dlclist.xml and changed name in content.xml and setup.xml to meet the RPF's loading requirement)

    So now I was hoping like, okay everything loaded previous great on both phases so using 2 folder should be cool.I put the 2 folders in the game and the game loaded nicely.But guess what *only phase 1 loaded.**The phase 2 folder files did not load at all.**I checked the folders/xml again nothing seemed to be wrong.I loaded the folders separately again and they were working great but when put in single folder the game will crash and if kept in 2 folder only phase-1 gets loaded in-game and not the rest of the map.

    If anyone know's how to get through this, please advise?
    I made some sort of mistake,please let me know.

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