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Removing the junk

  • So now that I figured out exactly how to run the Launcher Bypass, I would like to ask you guys, which of the DLC folders under Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks can I completely delete.

    Also, if I delete certain folders from above location, is it safe to run the game, or do I additionally need to edit some file or registry?

    I don't want to accidentally remove the content that actually made it to the single player mind you. Like Canis Kalahari or other similar vehicles. I want to pinpoint which folders are definitely useless for SP players like us.


    none tbh, in all those dlc's there is something worth having

    and since nobody ever bothered to edit all dlcpacks and remove redunant double content from them, we're all stuck with R* clusterfuck update mess

    back in 2016 I spent some time removing updated vehicles and modkits from x64e and x64i, which was pretty straight forward and easy

    consolidating dlcpacks however is pita as you'll also have to edit content.xml entries whilst checking for double entries between dlcpacks themselves

    It's doable though I guess, just tedious, time consuming and repetitive work

  • So I understand @ReNNie that it is not enough to just delete a "mpchristmas2017" or "mpgunrunning" directory or whatever? :/

    Also, keep in mind that I do not wish to consolidate or move content between the folders in any way. You know, just select it, hit "Delete" key and pouf! Not a smart move you say?


    yes, you can play the game without those
    just leave everything below patchday4ng in dlclist.xml and remove the later ones

    you won't have the newer cars, sounds, interiors etc
    but can play all missions and mod the base game just fine that way

  • The thing is that I just don't see any difference regarding my single-player game after sucking up downloads for almost two years. :/ That in turn, makes me think that I just have useless GBs laying about that have no use in story mode whatsoever. I'm not sure. At least I didn't notice anything particularly interesting or useful having these downloads on my computer.


    @TheMurderousCricket said in Removing the junk:

    in story mode

    correct, Story Mode uses content that was left unchanged for the most part since v1.26
    some patchdays later than 4ng might contain a fix for textures on the earlier content

    but basically all later patchdays only deal with Online content like vehicles, peds, sounds, interiors, and other thing like handling flags, animations etc which can be spawned using any trainer

    some authors like @HeySlickThatsMe are using the new Online content to bring mods to SP luckily
    see his WiP Grand Theft Auto : Nightclub Business which tries to combine After Hours dlc and IV's The Ballad of Gay Tony into one big Nightclub enterprise
    downside is, you'll be needing those patchdays then ;)

  • @ReNNie Dunno about patchday's as they simply update existing content, so without them the game should work still fine

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