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Help editing dll script?

  • Hello.
    Would anybody here be willing to help me edit a dll script?
    There's one in particular I'd like to change a bit, one of jedijosh's.
    It's the stance mod that changes the movement style to crouched or prone.
    Problem is that switching back changes the movement style to default,
    so say if you're controlling a character for a machinima (which I'm in the process of creating now) and you picked a particular walking style for them, then crouched, then stood back up, they'd go back to the default walk. For custom freemode characters, it's the online animation that looks pretty terrible compared with others.
    I guess it depends on whether a string variable can be used in scripts or if it's all constants, but I've never done this kind of thing.
    If it was possible then it seems straightforward to add a command before changing to crouched movement style, which would store the current player movement style and then upon standing up it'd load from the variable instead of it being a stock assignment like

  • There are programs that you can open and view .dll but you can’t edit them. This is due to people stealing scripts and claiming it as their own.

    You’ll need the source code which I don’t think Josh released. Again as mentioned above.

    Soooooo you can’t really edit the Script(unless you copy the script...but won’t function as you want it too, but don’t quote me on this as I’m not sure if it’s doable). You can ask him for the source code, but I doubt he’ll give it to anyone.

  • @MegaDeveloper .NET mods are easily edited, I've been doing it for years. Use dnSpy.

  • Oooh, guess I’ve been given false information then, thanks!

  • @MegaDeveloper Yeahh I'm aware of this site's aversion to "script hijacking" but my intention isn't to upload an edited version of josh's script and pretend it was mine all along or something as silly. It's simply me tweaking something for my own usage since I know most everyone else is fine with the original mod's behavior. I'm in the process of making my own version of that mod from scratch anyways.

  • Oh yea I totally understand my dude, have fun haha

  • @nineth Hey i was wondering if you ever managed to fix the resetting of movement styles? because im having same problem lol

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