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How do i reverse this?

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    I just recently installed hella oiv files so I can't pin point which one to reverse. The entire room in Franklin's aunt house is empty along with certain areas in franklin's new house

  • Ouch... Looks like the IRS busted poor Frank. ;)

    It's indeed hard to track down files for each mod. However, if I were you I'd first check if the mods you installed have an "original files" or "backup" directories. This is usually where default, update-specific original files are in case something goes wrong. As it undoubtedly did in your case. If you have those, you can just replace modded files with originals.

    Also, note that some mods cannot be uninstalled via OpenIV - VisualV is a good example as a note on installation screen clearly indicates it. In that case, you are forced to actually find the problematic file and remove it yourself.

    One thing that comes to my mind would be to use rollback option on your system to whatever date when your game still worked fine, but I'm afraid this won't help.

  • That is normal with Multiplayer map enabled

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