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Movement Clipset question

  • Hi. Can someone tell me if there's a command or native to get the current player ped movement set?
    I'm trying to build a small script that will first store the current movement style for the player and then change it to crouched, then toggle back to the stored set. Like jedijosh's stance script but no prone, and it wouldn't revert to default, it would instead remember the walk style that was being used.
    I know that
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET, Game.Player.Character, animset, 1.0f);
    sets it to whatever animset is. I looked through the Hash.Get options and there was nothing for PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET. There any alternatives? Thanks.

  • You'd have to look at the function itself to see if it stores the animset anywhere, possibly in a struct pointed to by CPed or something.

  • @MAFINS meaning that whatever mod I use to change movement clipset, is using the same native function so they would all be either storing it somewhere or none of them would be doing it? Hmm. Since this is all for a machinima I'm making, menyoo is the trainer I use the most. You made it iirc. So thanks for building it, by the way.

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