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Question on Current GameConfig

  • With the new script hook update, does the version of the Unlimited DLC gameconfig need to be updated as well? I have the version of script hook which was released today (12/18) installed as well as the gameconfig file that was released for version 1.0.1604 -- I can launch the game and get to the start menu. When story mode is launched, the game crashes while loading. This has happened to me when there has been an issue with the gameconfig file. Just wanted to see if the Script Hook update has changed anything or if anyone has similar problems before I rebuild the game.

  • Same problem here! I have a fresh install with no mods. The game crashes with the new scripthook :(

  • The only reason mine crashed was due to having the Spawn MP Vehicles in SP mod for getting the new cars to not despawn. It seems with this newest update, they won't despawn anymore, so if you have that mod, remove it.

  • The new scripthookV update is working fine. Same thing was happening to me. I noticed in my mods folder under update>x64>dlcpacks only went to patchday 19ng. There is now a patchday 20ng which has to be copied over to the mods>update>x64>dlcpacks folder. The problem might be your copied update folder located in the mods folder. I didn't want to stress over other stuff I may have missed in the update so I deleted the mods folder and started over. I know this might suck if you have lotsa mods. OpenIV makes you update it anyways. The game is now working with all mods and updates. Hope this helps.

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