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Lightbar Wobbles

  • When moving, the lightbar, anything else on the roof and board in the rear window wobble around. I've tried replacing the vehicles.meta with the original and the same with carvariations but that doesn't seem to fix it. Could it be something related to ELS with the new update? This wasn't occuring before the update and the only thing I've changed is the vehicles.meta, ScriptHookV and RPH.

    I've attached a video below of what exactly is happening.


    @SpickitySpock hm that’s a weird one! Does it only happen with that model?

  • It happens with any models that have similar lightbars, the ANPR and the rear lightboard.

  • I know this is quite an old topic, but still, I need to ask. Did you ever manage to fix this? I've been having this issue for months and it actually stopped me from playing LSPDFR for quite a while. I've only just come back to playing it hoping it would be fixed by now but still having issues :(

  • @Crimson-L Really sorry I didn't see your reply and respond earlier but if you actually are still looking for an answer, no I was not able to find a solution. I did however read on another thread that it's up to the author of the vehicles to fix it. I too have stopped playing LSPDFR in a British environment and turned to American policing which isn't too bad though I'd still love to be able to return to what was once my favourite singleplayer experience.

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