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Help, game crashes

  • Why my gta v crash after install tattoos and shoes mod ?

    //edit ReN : moved and edited title

  • let me use my crystal ball to figure out your issue.....

    1. wrong forum, should be in installation help and troubleshooting (@Global-Moderators can move it for you)
    2. we need more details if you want anyone to help you. what game version? when did your crashes start happening? what error does it display? steam, retail or cracked? what other mods do you have installed? do you use a mods folder?

    answer all those questions then we can try help you

  • @Reacon Sorry because im a new in this forum. how to check my gta v version ? my game crash at loading page when im open my game and my game is cracked. yes im use tattoos and shoes mod. and one more thing, ScriptHookV_1.0.1604.0 doesnt work.
    Sorry for my english

  • @iwanamzan can’t help you as you have a cracked version and we don’t support that here

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