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[SCRIPT] A San Andreas Maritime Agency mod (SAMA)

  • It would be great to have a San Andreas Maritime Agency script / mod that would basically allow a player to take on a role of a maritime researcher / officer and perform various sea-related callouts. Generally, this would be a mod not unlike LSPD:FR or LSRD but sea, ocean, boat and wildlife related.

    Some of the callouts that ring in my mind:

    • Shark threat - a shark roams near one of the frequented beaches. All swimmers and surfers are accounted for, but you need to eliminate the dangerous animal.
    • Shark report - a dangerous shark has been spotted near the San Andreas shores. Go and investigate the report. Eliminate if necessary.
    • Ocean floor mapping - a request to map a part of ocean floor has been filed with SAMA. Get submersible and map a topography of the indicated underwater area.
    • Garbage dump discovered - Some divers have reported an illegal underwater garbage dump. Go and collect the waste before it contaminates the environment!
    • Poaching activity - A suspected poaching activity has been reported in a secluded area. Investigate the report and call police if necessary. These may also be legal charter fishermen who did nothing wrong...
    • Stranded diver - A disoriented and exhausted diver calls for help. Pick them up, and give them a lift to their boat or shore.
    • Vehicle request - One of the SAMA inspectors requires a certain type of boat / submersible to be delivered. Find a requested vehicle and transfer it to the indicated location.

    I know and understand that a mod like this would be a huuuuge amount of work... But it would be wonderful to see something like this happen. :slight_smile:

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