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[Info] Game treating a ped as a player character?

  • First off, this is a memory hack. I cannot possibly foresee how it could affect the game. So far it has worked for me without issues.


    Yesterday I stumbled upon that thread.

    Basically what says is:

    1. Get Cheat Engine and open GTA5.exe.
    2. Get your ped hash, list here -> http://lexicongta.com/res/npcs.txt .
    3. Scan for it (hex, 8 bytes, exact value) and look for an address that begins with 14XXXXXX. Unless that address has changed due to the recent update it should be the correct one.
    4. Change the ped hash to one of the protagonists' ones.

    The game uses internal names:

    mp_m_freemode_01 = Freemode Male - hash = 705E61F2
    mp_f_freemode_01 = Freemode Female - hash = 9C9EFFD8
    player_zero = Michael - hash = D7114C9
    player_one= Franklin - hash = 9B22DBAF
    player_two = Trevor - hash = 9B810FA2

    The game now thinks you're one of the protagonists. Freemode character clothes can be "bugged" but they are fixable. Your character will have its own idle animations but either F's, M's or T's idle variations.

    Ever since I've finished the story mode I've been enjoying playing the game with a customized freemode character in SP. There are some limitations though. The game treats the character as a ped similar to director mode. That means the "ped" has no money and cannot use stores, LS Customs etc. Also, I always assign a voice to the character and they almost behave like one of the three protagonists (e.g. cussing when their car gets hit) with a few exceptions. When bumping into someone or being blocked they do not react. It would also be nice if they reacted to getting jacked and jacking back their last owned car. Is there any way using natives to override/add this?

  • Desperately trying to find out aswell. Would be way much more fun playing with ped mods.

  • ^ I got news for you.

  • Wish that this could be turned into a script ):

  • Bumping with some info regarding this method.

    Replacing the hash using an address that began with 15XXXXXX did the trick for me.

    EUP breaks if your character dies with the edited hash. To fix your EUP MP character:

    Revert the hash you edited to its previous form (you don't have to disable the record, just edit the hash/value)
    Go back into the game, and load one of your desired preset characters
    Then go to cheat engine and edit the hash once again to one of the protagonist hashes
    Repeat after each respawn (I'm not proficient with CE so if anyone got a faster/easier method then I'm all ears).

  • @gotaa I found a tutorial online to track down the pointer, because the address changed each time I started the game, and made a cheat table to swap between Franklin and the Freemode Male model using hotkeys. Now I no longer have to manually find the address and change it. If you'd like to see the cheat table here it is https://www.dropbox.com/s/5y2q49619x1gssi/GTA5.ct?dl=0 . Hopefully this can be made into or script or expanded upon. Also, here is the tutorial I followed to find the pointer http://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=947102

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