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[WIP] GTA 5 Funfair (Kirmes) Mod

  • Hey GTA Modding Community!
    Just want to share some screenshots of my private project I'm working on. Hope you like it :)


    1. Autoscooter (Bumper Cars)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    2. Tanz Der Vampire (Darkride)
    alt text
    alt text

    3. Extasy (Prater Vienna)
    No images right now (model needs to be converted).

  • This looks promising well done !

  • This looks great! great work. When you say "private". Does that mean you won't be sharing it when it's finished?

  • interesting!


  • @PsiBurner said in [WIP] GTA 5 Funfair (Kirmes) Mod:

    This looks great! great work. When you say "private". Does that mean you won't be sharing it when it's finished?

    It just means that i make this mod for myself. Don't really know if i release it.

  • Banned

    wow...its realy great! Good work, man!


    @CSYON too bad you're not sharing any time soon :(

    in which case I'd like to point out this 5Mods community guideline
    @Dark0ne said in Feedback required: Rule change regarding showcasing mods not for 5Mods:

    I'm making a slight change to the rule to avoid confusion and the final rule is as follows:

    Users should only advertise, showcase or otherwise promote their work and/or services if the product of that work is fully intended to be released on 5Mods. To clarify, timed exclusives for Patreon backers are acceptable, but you must intend to (and actually) release your mod on 5Mods after that timed exclusive period is over, and that timed exclusive period should be no more than 1 month. If you are unsure of whether you can or will upload your work to 5Mods once it's finished then do not showcase it until you are sure.

  • @ReNNie well the problem of releasing things like that is copyright. Some models are made by myself or bought by me with full license. Other ones are ripped from other games (so i have no rights for them). As YouTuber i have a company and don't want to get sued for it. It's easy to get sued for something like that when you live in the EU. Even more when you are a YouTuber + own a company. Thats why im not 100% sure if I'm going to release it.

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