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a step by step guide plx

  • hello all advisors. i do need some help with my chosen mods being a vehicle, speedometer, manual transmission and animation, a character, t-shirt, a menu and spawner if needed, realistic fuel and possibly more roadway. i have a legit 7 disk gtav game installed to a win 10 pc but failed when moving asi and dil from a scripthook & menyoo folder to my gta v location folder, neither opened in the game etc.
    i've also noticed that i don't have a gtav.exe compared to media vids but that's about it really. i have'nt much of a clue on how to operate s pc at the moment.
    fav car from 360 to s is probably the zentorno so would've looked at pegassi's, or appropriate maxx tuning.
    plz help if possible.

  • 'step by step guide plz.


    A step-by-step guide would not apply to most mods, but there's a decent overview to get started.

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