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Few mods are not working after the GTA update and latest scrithook updates

  • RDE is outdated so I will not bring that up. My add-on ped spawner and afterburner 1.3 scripts are not working. In scripthook logs they are not even there any help?I did update my scripthook yesterday from the official site.

  • I can add script hook v with the base game to get my add on and replacement cars to work, but no scripts beyond that. I play LSPDFR mostly and that works, but any mods for it (EUP, RDE) cause the game to crash on start up. I started a new mods folder from scratch yesterday and still can't figure it out. I think the last scripthook update is broken honestly...

  • @ltbronco I do agree on that.Seems recent update was just to give us new laser weapons,props and stop as scripts from working :(. I may start all over again with re-installation.

  • @ltbronco I have done re-installing as well.But no use situation is still the same.Also there is another thread with same issue.I am also following that.Mods & Scripts won't load

  • I was going to try and reinstall everything tonight. I won't bother at this point. I'll keep an eye on that other thread as well. Thanks for the info.

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