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[MAP] [WIP] Project Z - Soon to be Abandoned (Part SWZ)

  • The project's main aim was to convert LS into a apocalyptic atmosphere.But I wanted to ensure that it is compatible with every apocalyptic/abandoned map from map editor/menyoo/ymaps because I too have some maps on this site which I really love. That is why I have not showed the whole city as the map are their which are not mine, But 100% compatible with SWZ Maps.

    As time is passing away with errors/crashes I may have to stop and just consider that maybe ymaps will not help me convert the entire map.Hence if there ain't solution I may just stop now before I waste more time.I know that stuff is possible via 3ds max but well because I don't know stuff like 3dsmax or zmodeller.If anyone got step by step guide I am willing to learn.

    Forum link:


    If anyone can help me resolve the issue please contact me via site message or discord.I have left the issue on site forum as well but no help until now.Discord: https://discord.gg/7CY8Pdp

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Wish you a good fortune and happy modding

  • Just in-case someone wants to know what happened : Project Z

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