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Loading maps cause problem

  • Hello, when I load some normal maps (like 300-500 objects+cars+peds+) the game is getting weird, everything gets blurry and the building textures are gets messy. Do you guys know what may cause this? When I select "New Map" in Map Editor its getting normal for a little bit but not compelitely so in order to run the game smoothly I have to restart. There is no unknown objects or something in the map I loaded but it happens.

  • Your device probably can’t handle the amount of entities that are being spawned. You’ll need to stick to a lower number of entities like 100 as I had your problem once on my old labtop and that it couldn’t handle Maps that had tons(300) of entities.

  • @MegaDeveloper I'm not using laptop, I have high-end gaming PC so I don't think there is a problem with my device.

  • When you mentioned screen getting blurry and textures getting messy, I thought it was just how the pc performed, but now that you said mentioned that you have a high end pc, honestly I have no solution for your case. It should work fine since it’s a high end pc.


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