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Mods and scripts won't load

  • I've narrowed it down to two possible things that are causing this issue either dinput8.dll or Scripthook itself.

    For example, if I delete dinput8.dll it loads up but with no mods working or scripts if I load with dinput8.dll it crashes and won't load the game after loading story mode.

    My PC's up to date and the OS is Windows 10 Pro

  • @SLY95ZER I got same issue m8. Forum Link.I am gonna re-install the game today and see if the issue is resolved.


    dinput8.dll also loads OpenIV.asi. First make sure your modded update.rpf is updated before trying to restart with OpenIV.

  • @ikt Done this on numerous occasions and still won't work also should note I reinstalled the game but no dice

  • @SLY95ZER Yup, no use of re-installing ....few scripts wont run even with the latest scripthookv.I also tried the a few add-ons like navy pack add-on...even those funnel script would give me a error in-game as a black window appears giving details that funnel.cs for the warship failed to execute.... :(. Apparently add-on are working for me though...including sound packs.

    It may just be the scripts that may require a update though.Like recently mafins updated menyoo with current version twice already.

    Hoping all goes well soon.

  • @Yogeshk I'm thinking this new update bugged a lot of stuff

  • @SLY95ZER I think you are correct.I can see many thread including another site at gtaforums regarding mods not working after the last patch...But I have also had chats with other players telling me their pre-installed mods had started working after the latest scripthookv update.Before that they had the same condition as us...

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