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Edit Vanilla YMAP with CodeWalker

  • Hello Guys,

    I open this topic why have a problem when I export Vanilla YMAP but CodeWalker

    In practice I would like to delete some props that are not on the Gudmaz MAP Editor!
    I would like to build a house based on the one under construction near Michael's house.

    I have already modified the Scenario file, but I find problems when after modifying the original Ymap of the game, I place it on its RPF in the mod folder. But on the game it does not appear that I deleted anything.

    I do not want to delete the whole structure, I would just like to delete the props concerning the construction, for example the container, the mound of sand, these little things.
    On CodeWalker I open a new project, then I click on the area with the right mouse button, and I apply everything to my Ymap.
    I think I'm doing well, but am I wrong?

    Thanks a lot to everyone

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