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Game crashes to desktop with (supposedly) no mods installed (removed for troubleshooting)

  • I've gotten back into GTA V recently, and naturally, decided to mod it. Everything was going fine, installing mods then running the game, everything was good. Then after a couple of mods, the game decided that it would stop working. In the loading screen, the game just crashes, with the usual launcher saying the game crashed. Unsure what was causing the issue, I tried the well-known remove all mods and put them pack one by one to know which one causes the crash. To my surprise, the game doesn't even start, with all the mods gone. I've transferred every single modded file to separate folder, leaving only the vanilla ones, but the game still crashes. It's also worth mentioning that I use the mods folder (naturally), and so all modifications I've made are in that folder exclusively. So what I did was transfer the mods and scripts folder to one on my desktop, as well as other files (like ASI loader, ScriptHook, Menyoo, etc...).
    I don't know what is causing the crash, and I reaaaally don't wanna have to reinstall the game again (as I had to once already because the latest update broke all the mods).
    Here's a screenshot of my GTA V root folder: https://i.imgur.com/hiPwDhD.png
    And here's a screenshot of all the mod files I've transferred: https://i.imgur.com/ugvB0NT.png


    verify game files to see if any are missing

  • Wouldn't mean anything, as I've said, before the game stopped working, it was fine, so it's not linked to corrupted data.

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