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feedback on 2018 Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder


    for a name change please send a DM via this forum to administrator Dark0ne
    https://forums.gta5-mods.com/user/dark0ne with the request and the desired username

    I've added your fine lambo ingame and would like to urge you and @kizacudo to read up
    on game optimization and Power Of Two (POT) textures here (during CET daytime) and here

    I've edited and reset properties on:

    • gauges and NM I couldn't redo without losing aspect ratio so those remained 1024x388 sadly;
    • rr_kover_n, as not POT so the game has to resize 900x900 to 1024x1024 ingame itself putting extra stress on memory usage, I resized to 512x512;
    • inspection as not POT format and why use 496x1280 for that small window sticker? use 512x2014 or smaller;
    • INT__carbon_D which in my opinion should at least be 50% smaller and perhaps not even A8R8G8B8;
    • INT__carpet_S which in my opinion should at least be 50% smaller and perhaps not even A8R8G8B8;
    • huracan_stitches and NM as stitches really don't need to be 1024x512 so in my opinion should at least be 50% smaller;

    Some other observations for further improvements:

    • no texturing on the engine yet, all grey tones in engine bay compartiment, or is that IRL, I just don't know;
    • no HQ mirror reflections, take a look at Scrat's tutorial (in french) via youtube.com / watch?v=OTv1x4jfFP8;
    • broken dirtmap, as you know a basic game function where vehicles get dirty over time when driven, you can map the livery template to UV2 and create your custom one;
    • wrong specular on steering wheel and vents in the car making those look very shiny and plastic;
    • taillights lack depth as texture is plain red;

  • Yes you're right, Kizacudo has been teaching me about texture optimization and POT textures for about a month now and I just didn't listen. I will optimize all textures and fix the mirrors for the next update. I don't think I'll be doing any engine texture updates for the next one though they will follow in a later update. Thank you!


    Thank you!


    alt text

  • @ReNNie I did all optimisations on my version as usual. I do that on all cars. I put A8R8G8B8 to all greyish textures to avoid greenish or redish effect in game, so my interiors are really black, gray and white. I know that some of them are bigger then needed but I reduce them only in case of slower spawning or ytd size bigger then 25MB.

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