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Game Constantly Crashing

  • Hey I'm not exactly new at installing mods to GTA; however, I've been having issues with the game crashing while it's loading to story mode. I hadn't used the modded version for about a month or so and I made sure to update the game to Arena War. I had just installed the Dinka Nexus add-on through the package installer, without running the game after updating. I checked the logs and there doesn't seem to be an issue with loading ASIs. There was a part of the log with ScriptHookVDotNet that said it failed to instantiate MapEditor due to an exception which was that NativeUI wasn't found. I downloaded the latest one and replaced the one in my directory but still nothing. I also removed the mods folder from the directory, itself, and the game still crashed. I ran Steam validation but nothing changed. Anyone got suggestions as to how to fix this?

  • Do you use any scripts or trainers or stuff? You need to update them as well as SHV

  • @Reacon I mainly use the basic stuff like Menyoo, EnableMPCars, that one LUA plugin and I also have the RagePluginHook for LSPDFR in the same folder but I'm not launching the actual .exe for it. Could RPH be the problem?

  • Remove EnableMPCars

  • @Asn_Neon nah it can’t be the problem if you’re not launching it from that .exe, do as @k0ol-g-r4p said and remove enable MP cars

  • @k0ol-g-r4p @Reacon ok so the game loads now, thank you guys. But now Menyoo isn't loading? My other mods appear to be working and when I replaced Menyoo with NativeTrainer, the game would crash again saying it ran out of game memory.

    Edit: never mind, NativeTrainer is working now. It must have been my gameconfig.xml because I changed that earlier today and used to backup just now. Again, thanks for the suggestion earlier.

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