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[SCRIPT] Pimping and running a brothel

  • One thing in mods you dont see is a way to pimping prostitutes, or running a brothel, even Amanda says to Micheal at a point about him running prostitutes.

    At best all you see for mods is a quest for driving prostitutes from point a to b for chump change, i would like to see a mod where you can buy a brothel for cheap, then you have to go out and find prostitutes to work it, like picking one up for sex and instead try to talk them in to working it, making x amount of cash off it and having a day or night place to pick them up instead of only at night.

    But for say it could make 1k to 20k depending on how many, you got lucky enough to hire to work there, while it also saves the model of the ones you hire, and gives you another thing to try to do in gta 5 other then just drive around trying to kill people, between missions.

    // edit ReN : renamed title

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