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Need Help With Add On Peds! Thanks!

  • So I am wanting to get the Thanos mod working and went through all the steps. I install Native UI, Addon Peds, then the Thanos Script mod AND the Thanos Model itself. I have ScriptHook and ScripthookNET installed. I have provided some images so you can see where I installed everything. Now the only thing I am worried about is this bit here: "Add NativeUI.dll your references in Visual Studio just like you did with ScriptHookDotNet.dll and add "using NativeUI;" to the top of your script." I haven't done this step and have no idea where Visual Studio is on my PC after looking and looking. However, the menus work just fine (NativeUI, Menyoo, etc) but I am concerned I missed a step here. Also, I haven’t done this step either. It says under Script Hook V to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64). But I am not sure how to find my current version?

    BTW, all peds are not working in the same way (Superman, Vito Mafia, etc).

    The good news is this: I can get Thanos' abilities to work but not the actual skin. So I'm halfway there at least.

    Here is some images for reference:
    Error when trying to load Thanos Model: https://gyazo.com/f9a0f5c7953eae52d44e09daf4775a11

    Thanos Model Install Location:

    Mods Folder:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've been troubleshooting this all night with no luck. Also I have tried other trainers and menus like menyoo, etc and get the same error that the Thanos models do not exist or cannot be found.



    Addon peds folder should be in dlcpaacks should it not?

  • @TheRealOWG There shouldn’t be a folder called “Addon peds”. The folder that came in the ZIP should be placed in Update>x64>dlcpacks. Then you input the line in the dlclist.xml

  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah I already have the peds addon in the right spot. It's just that I ended up placing it elsewhere just in case lol

    Here is the location of the suits:

    This is correct right?


    Yeah that’s correct. Have you added it in the .exe thing that comes with addon peds

  • I am having the same trouble, I think it has to do if you did a rollback on your game and still have the old .exe. I'm not sure though. I was hoping their would be a place where I could get the new exe but I can't seem to find one.

  • @Reacon are you referring to this:

    Not too sure what you mean by adding it in the exe thing?

    Also I don't think I have a outdated version of the game.

    Still not working over here. I went over the installation AGAIN and still no luck :(


    @TheRealOWG nah, doesn’t the add on peds .rar file come with an exe that you need to do stuff with every time you add a new ped to it?

  • I meant the new GTA5 exe might be considered outdated so that's what I am referring to.

  • Hi ! I've made a video showing how to add peds using this tool. Maybe that helps you.

  • I found out what worked for me. I did a rollback on GTA, so if you also did that all you need to do is download a previous version of Addon Peds and then it should work fine. I also had an axtra line of code in my DLC list that may have been messing things up though.

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