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[PLAYER] Invisible Man Emulation

  • I love the Hollow Man movie and invsible men movies. GTAV is great to recreate that since the character become bright when he is wet (under the rain, for example), he have blood spots when he is hurted, etc. I would love a mod that allow play with an Invisible Man in single player game as follows:

    • The character is invisible, but if he wears clothes the clothes arent. Weapos are visible. Just him is invisible.
    • Rain, be wet, make him visible as a bright bubble human shape. Just the way in game is showed when the character is wet. Blood spots do the same. If he is hurted we can see the blood over him. Or fire when he is in flames.
    • Additional Masks: bandages, in the usual Invisible Man style. Also a Hollow-Man style one would be great too.
    • If he wear some clothes but he is not complete covered, for example, he dont wear a mask, people get afraid like when he have a weapon and he get one alert star.
    • When he have no clothes or weapons, police or pedestrians cant see him. If there are alert stars is just like when you are hidden trying to mislead the plice.
    • Finally an sliding control or so to adjust how the player can see the invisible character as a transparent shadow since complete invisibility.

    Really I would love a mod like this one. Please.

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