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two versions of gta

  • Hello people,

    I have 2 gta versions, one steam version where I have mods for singleplayer and normal non steam version.
    Right now I have installed only steam version with single player mods and I want to know if its save to install second gta to second hard disk without getting banned?
    I want to apologize for my english

    I wish you chill holidays

  • I don't see why you'd be banned for installing the game to another hard disk. It's not like you went into GTA Online with Menyoo and other multiplayer mods running.

  • I am kinda noob in these things I wasnt sure. On my non steam version I have a lot of hours so would be a shame to get banned. So having steam version with mods on one hard drive and non steam version for online playing will be ok?


    @mynameisbill should be yeah

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