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Questions for create a short movie

  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to modding (but but not in game dev) and I would like to make a short movie in GTA 5 . Before going any further and spend a lot of time in tutorial, I would like to be sure that my ideas are doable with modding. Actually it seems to be pretty simple but .... :) So is to possible to :

    • Add some brand new 3D objects with its own riggs, then animate it in the editor.

    • Add these objects into an existing layout (for example, I would like to add objects on a table that is already available in GTA V)

    • Disable some game behaviors, (example : to disable the traffic or the pedestrian)

    • Use the director mode to make shots with these news models

    Thank you for your help !

  • You can add custom vehicles, peds, and props to the game. Animation editing is not currently supported.

    You can place objects anywhere in the map by either editing YMAP files using CodeWalker or by using a script like Map Editor or Menyoo.

    You can disable traffic and pedestrians using a trainer such as Simple Trainer.

    Not sure about the director mode.

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