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  • Re: GTAV.exe


    I can't find the GTAV.exe file and I need it for OpenIV...
    When I open OpenIV and I need to locate the file it says that my GTA V folder doesn't contain it.

    I put C:\Users\Utilizador\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\ and it keeps saying that its not there...
    Its my first time using OpenIV and installing mods for GTAV and I followed a Youtube tutorial and your advice on that topic (GTAV.exe) but I created this one be cause that one is old.

    Help please


    @Rodrigo-Az it has to be where you installed your game. For example, steam would be program files (x86 for me)/ steam/steam apps/common/ grand theft auto V

  • @Reacon OMG THANK YOU! Its okay now!! thank you so much :)

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